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5 Tips and Best Keto Recipes for a Low-Carb Easter

Dieting can be a challenge in any situation, but it’s especially trying during holidays like Easter.

It might feel like temptation is everywhere: the chocolates, the candies, and the rich dishes and desserts. But don’t worry! Eating low-carb at Easter is completely possible—it just takes some planning and reminding yourself of your convictions.

Here are some tips for sticking with your low-carb lifestyle during Easter, plus some of the best keto recipes to bring.

1. Plan Ahead with Meals and Snacks

Speak with your relatives ahead of time to know the Easter menu plan. See if you can bring some keto Easter-friendly dishes or low carb side dishes to enjoy and share.

Here are some easy Easter recipes, including keto Easter lunch ideas, dinner ideas, or Easter appetizers, that will work as main meals or side dishes:

Be sure to also pack plenty of healthy keto snacks in case things don’t go as planned or you need some extra nourishment.

2. Bring Your Own Healthy Keto Desserts

While some meals and side dishes can be low-carb-friendly, all normal Easter desserts are full of sugars and not healthy at all. Share the low-carb love by bringing your own!

Here are some easy keto desserts perfect for Easter:

If you don’t have time to make or bring a keto dessert, simply enjoy a keto-friendly drink like a Breakfast Chai Tea or coffee with MCT Oil Powder and a healthy sugar substitute during dessert time.

3. Focus on Fat and Take Exogenous Ketones

Staying in ketosis will make any cravings more manageable (or even prevent them completely), so:

  • Eat something rich in keto fats anytime you want carb- and sugar-rich foods. The high fat content will help you stay satisfied and avoid eating out of hunger.
  • Try your best to stay within 20 net grams of carbs per day to maintain ketosis.
  • Bring some Instant Ketones with you. They’ll provide your body with more ketones to use for energy.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Fast a Little

If you do find yourself without options despite the tips above, consider it a form of intermittent fasting. Fasting regularly is actually healthy and can help you stay in ketosis.

Plus, it’s a good reminder that you won’t die with a little less food, especially for one day. Going without can even help you focus on the true spiritual significance of the day.

5. Ask for Guidance and Remember the Reason for the Season

Remember the focus of the Easter season: family, fellowship, and worship—not the food.

Pray for assistance in resisting temptation. Ask for guidance in navigating Easter with a servant’s heart, one that lovingly presents your healthy lifestyle to others.

Also think about how present you’ll feel without all the carbs and sugars in your system. Before the day starts, visualize yourself saying “no” to any desserts or other non-keto foods.

Lastly, give thanks for the abundance before you while spending time with your family or friends. With this mindset, you won’t feel like you’re missing a thing.

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  1. Thank you, Dr Colbert and Mary, for loving GOD so much you want to help GOD’s children to finally get my home, body, in line with GOD’s Word. My focus has been to ‘get my house in order” thank you for making it so simple. I am following to keto diet since December 2017 and have, with the LORD’s help, taken off 28 pounds, and with my fitit walk 250 steps and hour twelve hours a day, and swim two hours a week. A song the LORD put in my heart is this: my heart is happy and my bones are strong, I praise my JESUS all day long.” I pray for your ministry every day, in tongues while I am walking, and I am a Partner with Ken and Gloria Copeland since 1996.
    Aloma Jean Grein


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