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Platelet Rich Plasma Rejuvenation Therapy

Divine Health Wellness Center offers Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, which can provide natural rejuvenating benefits for the body. The therapy includes using your own platelets to encourage regeneration of tissues. The end result is a more natural, smoother skin complexion. The process takes place with, or without, fillers depending on the method of choice. Simply, the individual’s natural platelets encourage the growth of new collagen.


Restoration of Volume

PRP can enhance the shape of the face and restore healthy volume. The procedure is done in office as a non-surgical procedure. A concentrated serum created from your own blood sample is used in the therapy session with (or without) a dermal filler. The filler increases the effectiveness of the rejuvenation process and aids in the durability.

The Activation Process

Serum created from your own blood sample is “activated” then injected into the skin. The “liquid gold” can also be applied directly to the skin topically when surface regeneration is desirable. The activation process provides the stimulation of “natural healing” as if the skin was “injured.” The platelets work to “heal” by creating a rich fibrin network in the area of application. Growth factors are released during this natural healing process in the body. The end results in increasing collagen production through fibroblast energization.

The End Result

Divine Health Wellness Center testifies to the end result seen in patients using PRP therapy. In most cases, the end result includes the healthier appearance of skin, thicker dermis layers which reduce wrinkles, improved skin tones, and prolonged longevity of fillers.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy continues to show positive results in other modalities. The natural solution creates tissue restoration, tendon repair, and increased joint recovery in many athletes. Football players, basketball players, and even golf players confirm wonderful results through PRP therapy.

Divine Health Wellness Center Options

Facial Options with Fillers

Using PRP with fillers provides the most substantial improvements for the individual. Using this medium provides an immediate result of the regeneration process. The patient “sees” the results right away and feels the difference within minutes of treatment. The skin appears smoother and firmer providing “true lift.” Using the filler option provides longer results, typically for an additional three to six months as compared to not using a filler.

Facial Options without Fillers

Individuals who desire therapy without fillers receive injections of activated serum only. The body will generally create a small amount of “fill” in the areas of application. Improved texture results for the individuals. An ideal option which uses this method of therapy includes treatment of acne scars, crow’s feet, and fine wrinkles under the eye. Facial options without fillers offer alternatives for the face and neck.

Laser Resurfacing with PRP

Divine Health Wellness Center offers laser resurfacing with PRP enhancement. Adding PRP brings resurfacing benefits to a higher level. The healing process accelerates, and new collagen formation is encouraged.

PRP Facial Option

The closing option offered at Divine Health Wellness Center consists of applying PRP through microneedle. Using this process creates tiny “wounds” to the skin surface. During the procedure, the doctor injects the serum into the skin which begins the natural healing process promoting collagen formation.

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