Incredible New Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration Therapy

Divine Health Wellness Center offers Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy) for men and women alike. The process provides a proactive, non-surgical option for those people with hair loss conditions. The therapy involves more natural stimulation which promotes healthy growth of the hair.

Recently, scientific news within the medical community explains the benefits of tissue healing. Advancing technology offers new found procedures which give positive benefits through the use of PRP therapy. Divine Health Wellness Center recognizes this proactive course of therapy which encourages stimulation of the hair, scalp, and skin.

How does tissue regenerate with PRP? The blood contains many components including stem cells, blood products, and necessary growth factors. The combination of living substances creates the stage for the natural regeneration process to occur.

Is this therapy safe for humans? According to medical studies, the use of PRP is safe and has been used for over two decades. The treatment process is highly effective and used in a variety of modalities including sports medicine, oral surgery, orthopedics (bone specialty), cosmetic surgery, and neurosurgery (brain specialty). Positive outcomes continue to be prevalent in these areas for over twenty years.

What are the current outcomes in PRP therapy? Evidence strongly supports this therapy as a promising option for those suffering from hair loss. The use of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for hair loss is in the early stages of scientific research and is not meant to replace FDA approved therapies.

How do you perform the therapeutic procedure? During a visit to the doctor’s office, the patient provides a blood sample which is similar to routine blood testing. The sample is placed in a special machine which separates the components of the blood by “spinning.” This process allows a high concentration of platelets to form. The system used for this procedure also eliminates the components which go against natural tissue regeneration.

Next, the patient receives an anesthesia block in the area of the scalp. The patient then receives treatment without pain. The medical doctor injects the concentrated platelet solution into the scalp. The individual can then safely drive home shortly after the therapy session, without concern of being drowsy.

How often is PRP necessary? Each case may differ individually. Typically, most patients will receive treatments three to four times in the year. Each treatment session further encourages consistent hair growth.

What personal results come from Platelet Rich Plasma sessions? Each person will respond differently to therapy. Current medical studies hold promising successful results for participants.

Is my medical history important? Individuals should thoroughly discuss medical history before therapy sessions begin. This treatment is not recommended for those who use drugs, or alcohol. It is also not recommended for those who smoke heavily or have specific medical conditions.

Should I use PRP Therapy? This type of therapy shows favorable results in current clinical studies. The choice to use PRP is a personal decision, and any concerns should be discussed thoroughly with medical staff before proceeding. In most cases, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy offers a sound choice for those seeking regeneration of hair growth. The process used is safe and natural using the individual’s healthy cells.

The absolute effectiveness of this therapy is under medical study and should not be considered as a “cure all” for hair-loss conditions. Presently, no “promises” can be made for the procedure pending FDA approval.

Can other medical therapies be used simultaneously (at the same time)? Divine Health Wellness Center encourages the use of PRP therapy alongside other natural therapies. This type of therapy compliments other non-surgical means for individuals who cannot tolerate surgery.


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