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How to Stay on Keto While Traveling this Christmas

Going on a trip this season? The holidays are hard enough being surrounded by unhealthy, carb-loaded meals, and traveling doesn’t make it any easier. Between jet lag, restaurants, and fun festivities, it can seem impossible to stay in ketosis while you’re out and about. But believe it or not, burning fat on vacation is possible!

Whether you’re at the beach or in the snow, you can still stay on the Keto Zone diet without your own trusty kitchen. Use the tips down below as the ultimate guide to traveling on keto this Christmas.

1. Eat Before you Go

It’s always easier to eat better at home. So, before you head out the door, fill up on a large keto-friendly meal that will tie you over for as long as possible. For example, hardboiled eggs, bacon, and plain Greek yogurt with cream, nuts, and berries are great breakfast options to keep you full and satisfied.

Read Best-Ever Keto Zone Waffles and Breakfast Favorites for some other delicious ideas.

2. Pack Storable Keto Zone Meals and Snacks

Eating right on vacation calls for some preparation ahead of time, but it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Just make some easily portable keto meals and snacks, pop them in a storage container, and take them with you on the plane or in the car.

Portable Keto Zone Meals:

Easy Keto Zone Snacks:

For even more ideas, shop the Quick and Healthy Keto Zone Cookbook. It includes everything you need and more to eating right on Keto Zone and makes a great Christmas gift!

3. Call Restaurants Ahead of Time

Before you leave, call potential restaurant choices at your destination and ask how they can accommodate you. Even though this might seem like a lot of work, it can help ease the stress of not knowing your options.

Usually, restaurants can serve up a chicken or steak salad, beef burger or chicken sandwich without the bread, and grilled/stir-fried veggies instead of rice or fries.

Keep an eye out for fried foods as they’re usually breaded and be picky with salad dressings as most of them can contain large amounts of sugar. Stick to what you know: no grains, legumes, root vegetables, or fruits (except for berries).

4. Drink Keto Coffee

Coffee already boosts your metabolism. But turning your regular cup of joe to keto amplifies the effects. Take MCT Oil Powder with you to add to your morning coffee, and it can help you stay full for longer, increase ketone production, and suppress appetite.

For even better versions, try Keto Zone Coffee or Dr. Colbert’s Keto Coffee. All of the ingredients are easy to pack or easy to buy when you arrive. Perfect!

5. Shop for Hotel Food

Almost all hotels carry a refrigerator in the room (some even have a full-on stove and oven), and chances are there’s either a grocery store, health food store, or farmer’s market nearby as well. This means you can easily cook up a keto-friendly bite to eat in your hotel room. Salad mixes, rotisserie chicken, full-fat yogurt, berries, cheese, avocados, and bacon are great keto foods to purchase to make an easy, low-carb meal.

Bottom Line

Don’t let travel plans kick you out of ketosis! If you stay committed, use the above tips, and bring Keto Zone supplements like MCT Oil Powder and Keto Zone Shakes, you can still enjoy your vacation while burning fat along the way. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate vacation?


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