8 Keto Zone Eating Tips for Holiday Parties

Christmas parties are often one of the best parts of December.

However, they are also some of the toughest days to stay in the Keto Zone.

Here are 8 Keto Zone eating tips to help you navigate, and thoroughly enjoy, Christmas Parties this year.

8 Keto Zone Eating Tips for Holiday Parties

1. Set your goals. Write them down.

It’s a lot easier to keep your resolve if you have a clear goal for the evening, and it works even better if you write it down.

First, write your goal for the evening. This shouldn’t be a long-term goal. This should be a goal for the evening specifically.

Then, write 2-3 habits, or a plan to accomplish it.

For example:

Goal: Consume 15 grams net carbs or less at the party.

Habits: Fill my plate with leafy salads first. Add meats and high-fat sauces. Drink an entire 2 glasses of water or tea after and do not come back for seconds.

If needed, email these goals to an accountability partner.

2. Consider a short workout within 1-2 hours before you go.

A good workout can keep you in the Keto Zone physically and mentally. Here’s how:

One, your body will continue to “burn” extra carbohydrates efficiently, and improve glucose control in the hours after your workout (carb intake should still be minor) (1).

Two, if you consume a high protein recovery snack after your workout, you won’t be as hungry for the party food.

Three, a good workout can be highly motivating and remind you of your goals (but make sure you don’t give into “deserving” to eat extra).

3. Remember, a moment of awkwardness is better than regret.

Depending on the company at the party, there may be a bit of awkwardness if you have to make any sort of statement about your eating.

But here’s the thing: oftentimes, people are more interested in their own choices than yours, and it’s usually not as awkward as you might anticipate.

If it is, it’s a powerful thing to “own” your health choices. If you must say it, say it with resolve and confidence: “I’m choosing a keto zone lifestyle. What a great party, right?”

When you stay true to yourself and your own goals, you won’t have regret.

4. Bring what you want to eat. Others will appreciate it, too.

If you’re bringing just one thing, concentrate on the course of the meal that you think will give you the most trouble.


Try bringing these Keto Zone Pecan Tartlets.

Festive drinks?

How about Keto Zone Holiday Eggnog.

Or, you can always bring a meat with a high-fat delicious sauce, low-carb vegetables, heavy whipped cream and berries, or meats and cheese.

5. Have a plan for low-carb drinks throughout the night.

It’s no surprise that many people completely derail their healthy eating plans with just one sugary drink, whether eating in the keto zone or not.

In fact, a typical sugary punch packs in 30+ grams of sugar and carbohydrates per serving (2).

Opt for a “skinny” cocktail or mocktail, decaffeinated tea, water with cucumber and lemon (always a party pleaser), or another low-carb drink. Again, if needed, bring something to share.

6. Look for the charcuterie board of cheese and meat.

Many parties offer appetizers you can eat as a meal. Look for it, or bring a beautiful, festive plate or cutting board of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and a high-fat sauce. This is sure to be a hit and a great addition to the feast.

7. Take the “eating stress” out of it by eating good keto zone meal before you go.

First, eat a moderately-sized keto zone meal. Then, consider anything at the party to be just a small about of “extra” keto zone food Instead of focusing on the food, you’ll have a lot of time to really enjoy the people and any activities. Keep a low-carb drink handy and enjoy the time spent!

8. If your intentions go downhill, give yourself some grace, and then get right back on track.

Generally, it’s not the occasional party during the Holidays that causes the most trouble for those watching what they eating, it’s the continual overeating or allowing over-eating to linger days after a party.

Don’t let it happen to you. Nip it in the bud and get right back on track.

A great tool? Try this Anti-Bloat Celery Smoothie and you’ll feel Keto Zone Healthy again in no time.

Bottom Line

Christmas parties should be a great time between family and friends, and not a source of stress when eating in the Keto Zone. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can stay in the Keto Zone and have a wonderful time.

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