Top 10 Tools for your Beyond Keto Goals in 2024

It’s a New Year. For some, this means a time to reflect, and enjoy some peace and quiet after the Holidays. For others, it’s time to hit the ground running! If you are part of the latter and have set health and keto goals for the new year, we’ve got a list of Top 10 Tools for Your Beyond Keto Goals! It’s one thing to set keto goals, but it’s another to flush out a plan that will work.

Before you move forward with them, you may want to read this post – it will help you work through your goals systematically.

Next, it’s time to gather your tools. The best laid plans often fail when they are not thought through…we’ve been helping others achieve their keto goals for decades, and we hope we can help you too.

Top 10 Tools for your Beyond Keto Goals in 2024

1. A Fasting Detox Jump Start

While slow and steady wins the race, it can be extremely helpful and motivating to see results right away. One of the best ways to start a healthy Beyond Keto Eating plan is with the Fasting Starter Kit.

Intermittent fasting is amazing for promoting overall health and a healthy weight(1). In fact, it can be extremely motivating to jumpstart weight changes right away.

No matter what foods you’re choosing in the beginning, an easy way to start intermittent fasting is to stop eating at 7:00 every night, and resume at 11:00 am every morning. Between waking up and eating at 11:00, you can have non-carb drinks such as coffee, coffee with MCT Oil and Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder, tea, Divine Health Green or Red Supremefood or other low-carb drinks.

At 11:00 or so, eat a Keto lunch, and then eat your Keto dinner around 6:00. Between lunch and dinner add 1-2 Keto Zone snacks such as fat bombs or other healthy favorites.

In addition, when you add Fermented Green Supremefood, Red Supremefood, and Fiber to your fasting plan, you’ll encourage detox throughout your liver, organs, and entire body. In fact, the ingredients in Supremefood support cellular detox, healthy immune function, and healthy digestion. They include vegetables, grasses, herbs, beets and more in a low-sugar, easy-to-digest delicious powder. Want more reasons to start here? Here are 10 science-backed reasons to add Fermented Supremefoods to your diet today.

Get started with Dr. Colbert’s 21 Day Detox and Fast Starter Kit (includes both Supremefood, Fiber Zone, and the Fasting Zone Book) for a jump start today!

2. A Clear Plan

Remember that slow and steady wins the race? After your detox and fast jumpstart, it’s time for a healthy lifestyle that fits your keto goals.

You’re in luck. There’s one written specifically for a healthy Keto Zone lifestyle: Dr. Colbert’s Beyond Keto Book.

From the beginning, you’ll get clear instruction on how to start a Beyond Keto Zone lifestyle and reach a healthy weight. It’s not just philosophy or research (although it’s science-backed), but a complete plan that will guide you and make your new lifestyle easy to implement.


When you’re eating Beyond Keto, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) can be extremely healthy and helpful. MCTs are a special type of saturated fats that are digested easily and provide many health benefits in the body.

In fact, they aid in fat loss and energy production.

When MCT oil is obtained from foods like coconut oil, it is isolated and concentrated for maximum health benefits and a healthy weight.

MCT Oil is a must have product for your weight loss goals because it:

  • Supports Heart Health. Medium chain triglycerides have been shown to improve cholesterol profiles by decreasing LDL cholesterol, decreasing the number of LDL particles, and increasing HDL cholesterol (2).
  • Helps the body burn fat. The most potent fatty acid in MCT oil is concentrated in MCT Oil Powder, and it helps your body burn fat as fuel rather than carbs (3,4).
  • Increases ketone production and provides amazing fuel for your brain. In fact, when using the Keto Zone diet, MCT Oil will help the body produce ketones quicker. Ketones can also boost mood.
  • Increases energy. Want more energy while losing fat? MCT Oil is easily digested and used by the energy-powerhouses of the cells as a sustained energy source (5).

Fortunately, there are 2 great ways to consume MCT Oil from the Keto Zone®. Try MCT Oil Softgels and MCT Oil Powder  today. Use MCT oil in fat bombs like these!


Want real-life tips from real-life Keto Zone users? Try these! We’ve gathered some of the most effective, inexpensive, easy tips to help you in your healthy weight journey.

These tips include daily habits, keto tips, and exercise.

They’ve done it, so learn from them!

5. A FOOD Diary

As you’ll see from the real-life tips, food diaries and carbohydrate apps can really help.

A food diary is an amazing tool for any weight loss journey. Simply write down your intake. Use an app or other resource to become familiar with carbohydrate amounts in foods. To learn more about carbs and reading food labels, check out this post.

While there’s nothing magic about food diaries, they do help by:

  • Allowing for self-accountability
  • Adding up the grams of carbohydrates and seeing how that affects weight loss
  • Troubleshooting issues with weight loss, hunger, etc.
  • Keeping a record to repeat successes and avoiding challenges

It’s easy and free to keep an online food journal or simply a written one.

6. Good Sleep

Every health goal you set relies on one thing: good sleep. You can eat well, stay in the Keto Zone, exercise, etc., but your body will never be as healthy as it could be without sleep.

Sleep is not wasted time. It’s not a health-neutral time. In fact, your body, and specifically your brain, work overtime to heal, revitalize, and improve your health while you sleep.

Fortunately, Dr. Colbert has formulated an amazing, effective sleep aid supplement. In fact, he has combined vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to make up a wonderful all-natural sleep supplement. These nutrients compliment your body’s natural sleep systems, and work with it to promote improved sleep quality and duration. With more sleep, expect to feel more invigorated, healthier, and happier. Get Divine Health Sleep-Ease today to support all your other health and keto goals!


Do you miss some of your favorite foods? Do you crave them?

Why not replace them?

Your Beyond Keto food choices should not be boring or bland. In fact, you’ll likely find you don’t miss foods at all once you learn a few new recipes.

There are many amazingly satisfying recipes on this site. To start, find them here (Keto Zone recipes) and here (Detox recipes).

In addition, the Quick and Healthy Keto Zone Cookbook is available and a great collection of delicious Keto recipes!


Can you really change your weight and health in the next 6-8 weeks? You can. Set your goals now.

First, take time to set daily “habit goals.” These goals need to be action-based and in your control. For example:

  • I will fast from 7:00 pm to 11:00 am each day.
  • I will not eat more than 25 grams of net carbs per day.

Then, set weekly habit-goals. These should also be in your control. They can include exercising 3 times per week, sticking to your daily eating goals each day, or journaling.

And lastly, set 1-2 overall goals for the next 6-8 weeks. Is your goal to lose 15 pounds? Set it and write it down. This last group of goals is not entirely in your control, but serves as the motivation for the habit-goals.

Write all of these goals down and put the paper in a place you can read it when the going gets tough. It will keep you motivated to stay on track.

You can do it!

9. Ongoing SUPPORT

Finding a supportive community is a big help on your weight and health journey.

First, you can find a lot of encouragement, tips, and Keto Zone recipes on this blog.

Next, look for both online groups and in-person groups:

  • Try an online group or forum. Look for the Keto Zone group on Facebook.
  • Try to find a local group at a gym or church that supports healthy eating.

Or, if you can find one, form one! Even if it’s just you and a friend, a 2-person group can be an amazing tool for accountability and progress. Don’t be afraid to reach out…others are looking for support, too!


Over the years, Dr. Colbert has released book after book, and product after product, to help others live healthy lives in the Keto Zone. Now, he’s put together a book that covers important foundational aspects: Health Zone Essentials! This amazing book is a treasure trove of wisdom and practical advice. Dr. Colbert will lead you through strategies and lifestyle habits to restore the body’s health at its foundation and then rebuild a healthy life upon it. It covers hormones, fasting, digestive health, brain health, delicious Beyond Keto recipes, and more!

So, once you feel like you’re formed the habits you need to get to a healthy weight and body, take it to the next level with Health Zone Essentials. Each step you take on your health journey will bring new insight, motivation, and progress!


Start with a detox and fasting jump start. Continue with a real-life, long-term healthy lifestyle with Beyond Keto. Use the tools you need to reach your keto goals. Then, take it to the next level with Health Zone Essentials. Make 2024 the year for real change.

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