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25 Easy Beginner Tips for Keto from Real Keto Zone Dieters

It’s a new year, and you’re ready for real change. You’re ready for better health, leaner weight, and more energy. But, are you also feeling overwhelmed? Starting something new can be tough. But today, we are going to forget the confusion and keep it simple. Here are 25 easy beginner tips for keto to get you started.

These are “real tips” from real Keto Zone dieters. No hype, just how they started and have stayed successful.

You’re ready for real change, and we know their brilliant tips for keto will help.

25 Easy Beginner Tips for Keto from Real Keto Zone Dieters

Start with a Guide Plan Rather than Confusing, Conflicting Information

1.“Definitely read Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone book – a must. It really helped me understand the science and health aspects of keto from the beginning.”

2. “Start with the Keto Zone 21-Day-Challenge. It’s a great jump-start!”

Remember That Body Composition is Just As Important as the Scale

3. “Make sure and measure your body right away: neck, bust, waist, hips thighs, and arms. You will probably lose inches quicker than pounds so if you measure you will stay encouraged when the scales do not move as quickly as you want them too.”

4.”Don’t get caught up in massive weight loss numbers from others. 1 meal, 1 pound, 1 day at a time. Remember to be proud of each and every accomplishment. Let go of the mistakes. You got this!!”

Keep Eating Simple

What to Omit:

5. “Start step by step. Swapping out sodas. Sweets. Replacing it with healthy snacks.”

6. “Start by cutting bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar, soda.”

What to Eat:

7. “Eat mostly fresh veggies and lean meat. I stick mostly to chicken and fish. Add healthy fats like olive oil to foods, MCT oils/powders to drinks.”

8.”Get good protein, eggs, cheese, lots of green veggies and get creative. How you cooked before, just take away the carbs. It’s hard but if you ease into it, you’ll get it.”

9.”Keep it simple. Protein and vegetables.

Use a Carb-Counting or Food Diary App to Get to Know Carb Counts

10.“Keep it to less than 25 grams carbohydrates per day.”

11. “Plan what you eat and eat what you plan. My fitness pal app is a very helpful tool in this. You can figure out how much fat, protein, and carbs you should have each day, then input that into the app to keep track of what you had. I set my macros to 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. It’s not totally accurate, it doesn’t subtract your fiber from carbs. This app really helps me stay on track.”

12. “Start by downloading carb manager app. This was a super helpful tool when I began.”

Drink Water and Electrolytes

13. “Be sure to drink plenty of water every day. That’s important so you can flush out toxins from your body, and hydrate.”

14 . “Use Instant Ketones – they will help you get in the Keto Zone without the keto flu and replenish your electrolytes.”

15.” I recommend drinking tons of water and upping electrolytes, even before starting keto.”

16. “I really wish I had known about bone broth when I started. Totally a game-changer for me now. It’s very good for you and keeps you full. Keep some in your fridge and you’ll always have something you can drink. If you have a slow cooker it’s very easy to make yourself, or it can be done in a pot on the stove as well. You can do it!”

17. “In the beginning have an electrolyte drink daily because your body gets rid of lots of water which dumps a lot of salt and potassium. Secondly have a lot of Keto snacks on hand while you transition like fat bombs, pork rinds, etc.”

Coffee, Tea, and Intermittent Fasting

18. “I could not do low carb without my keto coffee each morning – coffee, butter, MCT oil powder, collagen.”

19. “Intermittent Fasting is a game-changer and can be easy. It needs to be tailored to your schedule, but just make it 16 hrs fasting and 8 hrs eating.”

Family Meals for Those Who Don’t Do Keto

20. “I make normal meals for my family, but I just don’t eat the carb or starch on the side. Mainly meats and veggies + fats for me!”

21. “Meal prep healthy meals for the whole family. When you eat, add the extra fat to your meal by using sauces, oils, cheeses, etc.”

Easy Exercise

22. “Start walking. Just walk a little to start, and then gradually increase your distance.

Restaurants and Traveling

23. “Before you leave, go grocery shopping so you have your normal keto foods like nuts and seeds. Bring your MCT powders, collagen, etc to help curb your hunger.”

24. “Many burger places will make lettuce wrapped burgers with no bun, or just ask for it without the bun. Panera and Subway will do their sandwiches in a bowl or as a salad, and most places will add grilled chicken to their existing salad for you.”

25. “It’s not difficult at most restaurants. You can usually get meat, salad, and whatever low carb veggie available. Or, eggs and some meat for breakfast. Lunch can be lettuce wraps with store-bought meat and cheese.”

Ready for More Tips for Keto?

Follow their advice and check out Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet book and the Keto Zone 21-Day-Challenge. They will help you get started with a community so you can put these tips for keto and more into practice. Take these first steps to a healthier you this New Year!



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