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Steps to Turn Any Recipe into a Keto Zone Dinner

Do you ever want to take a favorite dinner recipe and make it Keto Zone?

Turns out, this is easier than you might think. In just a few steps, you can turn most any dinner into a delicious Keto Zone dinner.

Here are 5 steps for a Keto Zone Dinner and ideas for several cuisines.

5 Steps for a Keto Zone Dinner

Step 1: Identify any grains in the dish. Typically, this includes bread, noodles, rice, breadcrumbs, and more.

Step 2: Replace the grains as directed below. Or, if it works in the meal, simply omit them and add more healthy fats or vegetables.

Step 3: Identify any sugars or sweeteners. These are often found in sauces or condiments used.

Step 4: Replace sweeteners with a Keto-friendly option.

Step 5: If the meal is low in fat, add a healthy fat such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, avocados or others. This typically rounds out an otherwise lean meal and will keep you in the Keto Zone.

How To Make any Cuisine a Keto Zone Dinner

American – Burgers and Sandwiches

Like when eating out at a favorite burger joint, this one is mostly about going bunless.

But, how can you skip the bun and still enjoy the burger?

Two easy options are:

  • Use large lettuce leaves for buns. This may not provide the same texture, but a delicious crunchy lettuce leaf makes for a great burger.
  • Use portabella mushrooms in place of buns. They provide amazing nutrition including possible chemo-protective properties against breast cancer (1). What’s more, they provide a good texture, similar to buns.

If you’re up for a bit more work, you can certainly make Keto Bread Collagen Bread in place of the buns or sandwich bread.

Lastly, pay attention to the condiments. While ketchup and BBQ sauce are high carb, mustard and mayo are great. Or, use avocados, bacon, guacamole or pesto. You’ll never miss the ketchup!

Steaks and Barbeque

A steak or barbeque meat fits well into Keto Zone eating, but you’ll need to be careful with what you put alongside them or on top of them.

First, look at the seasoning. Use butter, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

If you’re set on having BBQ Sauce, try this delicious Keto Zone BBQ Sauce recipe.

Then, grill Keto Zone vegetables, Keto Zone Zucchini Fries or even add Keto Zone Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes on the side.

For a break from cooking, an All-Natural Rotisserie chicken with a salad is an easy and quick meal.


If you’re eating a Mediterranean dinner, you’ve got a great start! It’s likely fresh, healthy, and anti-inflammatory (2).

Keep the fish or other healthy protein and fresh vegetables. You can also have fresh mozzarella and olive oil.

Avoid or replace any bread or noodles.

Chinese, Japanese, and Asian

There are a lot of great things about Asian cuisine: Healthy fish, spices, soups, and teas are very nutritious.

When eating in the Keto Zone, watch out for:

Rice: The rice is obviously high carb and can be easily replaced with cauliflower rice. Not only is this a great low-carb alternative, but cauliflower’s sulfur compounds are also highly antioxidative, anti-cancer, and helps cells detoxify (3)!

Or, you can simply omit the rice altogether and load on more Keto Zone-friendly vegetables. For example, a stir-fry of meat, vegetables, and sauce is perfect.

Another vegetable option? Make Asian wraps with meat, vegetables, and large lettuce leaves.

Sauces: Next, do pay attention to the sauce. Most all of them contain sugar, honey, or another sweetener.

To make an Asian sauce Keto Zone, simply replace the sugar with a sweetener such as Erythritol and the cornstarch with almond flour.

Mexican and Tex-Mex

Mexican and Tex-Mex can be healthy options if you know what adjustments to make.

First, you’ll want to skip the regular tortillas, chips, Spanish rice, and beans.

To replace a tortilla, once again consider large lettuce leaves. Lettuce wrapped tacos work well.

Or, omit the tortilla altogether and have a taco, burrito, and fajita bowl. Load on the Keto Zone vegetables and avocados for extra flavor.

Replace the Spanish rice and beans with cauliflower rice. Use cumin, chili powder, lime juice, and salt to season.

For condiments, guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and chilies are Keto Zone healthy!


There are a few typical non-Keto Zone ingredients in most Italian meals.

1)    Noodles. To turn it into a Keto Zone dinner, try replacing the wheat noodles with spaghetti squash noodles or spiralized zucchini.

  • Don’t be afraid of a little trial and error to find your favorite Keto Zone pizza recipe. It will be well worth the effort.
  • When making meatballs, you’ll need a Keto Zone substitute for breadcrumbs. Pork rinds are a great solution! Try smashing and using them in your favorite meatball recipe. They work wonderfully, and you’ll never notice a taste difference.

Add Healthy Fat

Almost done. After omitting and replacing the carbohydrates, your dinner may be left a bit lacking. Add a healthy fat to round out the meal, add flavor, improve your fat intake percentage for ketosis, and satisfy. Try adding avocado, hemp heart seeds or macadamia nuts, olive oil or coconut milk to dinners.

Bottom Line

Keto Zone eating can be versatile and include most all your favorite recipes. You’re only a few steps and a bit of creativity away from vastly improving nutrition with a great Keto Zone dinner.



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