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MCT Oil Vs MCT Oil Powder: How to Know Which is Better

MCT Oil vs MCT Oil Powder – how can you know which one is better? An MCT, or medium-chain triglyceride, is a saturated fatty acid that your body can digest quickly to provide “clean,” healthy energy. You’ve probably seen MCT sold in two main forms: MCT oil and MCT Oil Powder.

We often get asked which is the better option and why. So let’s look at the difference between MCT oil vs MCT oil powder and how to know what’s best.

MCT Oil Vs MCT Oil Powder: Benefits and Differences

The benefits of MCT oil and MCT oil powder include:

  • Appetite suppression and fat burning
  • Instant energy in ketosis
  • An energy boost for your body and brain
  • Support for cognitive function

Read more about the benefits here: 4 Incredible MCT Oil Benefits and How to Choose the Best Quality.

The physical difference in MCT oil vs MCT oil powder is simple: MCT oil is made by highly concentrating medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil or palm kernel oil. MCT oil powder is just a powdered form of this.

4 Ways MCT Oil Powder Beats MCT Oil

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Overall, the benefits of MCT make it a fantastic addition to your diet, especially if it’s a low-carb or keto diet. But within those benefits, there are some ways MCT oil powder is advantageous over the oil.

1. Less Gut Distress

Gut issues, such as diarrhea, are common for some people who consume MCT oil.

On the other hand, MCT oil powder is much easier on the digestive system, giving you the same benefit with less worry.

2. More Ketones

MCT oil powder has the potential to boost blood ketones more than MCT oil. This is because by avoiding digestive distress common with MCT oil, you have a greater chance of consuming more at once!

3. Good Carrier for Ketones

If you take Instant Ketones, consuming MCT oil powder with them can help enhance their ketone-boosting effect. That means it’s easier to get into/stay in the Keto Zone while reducing the chances of tummy trouble from MCT oil.

4. More Tasty Ways to Use It

There are so many ways to enjoy MCT oil powder! For one, it’s easier to transport than MCT oil. And you can easily incorporate it into your day:

    • Blend MCT oil powder into hot or cold coffee as a healthy “creamer” alternative

How to Choose a Great MCT Oil Powder

With all this in mind, you do want to ensure whichever MCT oil powder you choose is of high quality. So here are some other factors to consider when purchasing it:

Quality of the MCT Oil Powder

The MCT oil powder should contain C8 and C10 MCTs (and will specify this in the ingredient list). These are the only MCT oils that help create ketones.

C12 is also an MCT oil, but it does not provide the same ketone-producing benefits.

High-Glycemic Ingredients

Certain common additives in powdered supplements can spike insulin levels and irritate the gut. Be wary of ingredients like:

      • Maltodextrin
      • Soy lecithin
      • Soluble corn fiber
      • Sodium caseinate
      • or glucose syrup solids

Sweetener Quality

Added sugars or artificial sweeteners also affect insulin levels (and your health). If the MCT oil powder is sweetened, make sure it contains a healthy sugar substitutes like stevia or monk fruit.

Keto Zone MCT oil powder is carefully created to provide optimal quality and benefits for your body and brain. It contains C8 and C10 MCT, is sweetened with stevia, and is now available in four flavor options: Coconut, Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Unflavored.

If you’re ready to reap the MCT oil powder benefits, you can order your own here!


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