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Had a Keto Cheat Day (or Week, or Month)? Do These 5 Things ASAP

Did you fall off the keto diet wagon? Had a Keto Cheat Day or two? Maybe it was a carb-rich meal in a moment of weakness, or maybe you’ve gone off track for a week, month, or longer. Do not fret! It feels discouraging, but you can and will bounce back!

Here are five things you want to do after straying from your keto ways.

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up—Just Jump Back In!

Your first reaction to eating off plan is likely guilt or shame—but those emotions don’t get you anywhere good. They simply keep you in a negative state and set you up for failure.

Today is a new today. An opportunity to jump back on the wagon and start fresh. Just focus on making your next meal keto, and your next, and your next.

And with these next steps, you could be just 12 hours away from getting back into ketosis!

2. Use Fasting to Get Into Ketosis Faster

If you ate a lot of carbs, your glycogen stores are probably full. And to enter ketosis, you need to deplete your body’s glycogen (a.k.a. stored carbs). Fasting is a great way to do this quickly and make entering ketosis easier.

If you’re new to fasting, it’s usually best to start with intermittent fasting—where you fast within a certain hourly period each day, such as between 12pm and 8pm or 12pm and 6pm. If you’re familiar with fasting or feel like going all in, try fasting for a day after your cheat.

For more tips, see: How to Get Into Ketosis Fast!

3. Take Exogenous Ketones

Following a cheat, take Instant Ketones as soon as possible to start getting back into ketosis. This combined with fasting after a cheat day will supercharge your results and help you start burning fat again.

Note: Don’t take ketones within two hours before bedtime.

4. Have a Plan for Your Meals Going Forward

It doesn’t have to be complicated; just plan what you’ll eat after your fast or in between intermittent fasting periods. Think meals that include low-carb vegetables, some protein, and plenty of healthy fats.

See: Simple Keto Meals You Can Throw Together in Minutes

Psyllium fiber or another fiber supplement like Living Chia can also help if the cheat foods affected your digestion.

5. Pray and Practice Patience

You’re probably going to experience sugar cravings again until your body can get backs into ketosis. Be prepared to wait this out.

Meditate in prayer and ask for God’s guidance as you can get into the groove. Remember, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Lay all the temptation from sugary and junky foods at the cross and continue committing to your health.

And get ready to enter the cravings-free, energy-boosting, fat-burning Keto Zone again!

Also, seek a community, like our Keto Zone group, who can help lift you up and help you stay committed to the plan.

How to Avoid Cheating on Keto Again

Once you’ve recovered from this cheat and are back in the swing of things, it’s important to have the right mindset going forward. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Cheating Isn’t Worth It

Many people in the Keto Zone feel so good that they forget how they felt before the diet. But when you have a keto cheat day, you’re often reminded of how much worse non-keto is. The longer you’re on keto, the more you’ll realize cheating isn’t worth it.

Keto Cheat Days Completely Throws You Off Your Goals

This is especially within the first month of eating keto before you’re keto-adapted. Remember that the longer you cheat, the slower you’ll lose weight. Cheat meals also leave you with fatigue, lethargy, and a foggy brain. Not fun or worth the temporary taste of a keto cheat day!

Plus, the longer you’re in the Keto Zone, the faster your body learns how to burn fat for fuel—meaning you can more easily switch between using carbs and using fat!

Once you reach your weight loss goal on the Keto Zone diet, you’ll have more leeway with healthy carbs. So it’s better to power through the weight loss phase first.

Remember, it’s never too late to start again. The Keto Zone diet is not just a diet—it’s a lifestyle, so ups and downs happen! We are imperfect beings, so we all fall off from time to time. Just give yourself grace, dust yourself off, and jump right back in.

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