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How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety When Life Feels Out of Control: 7 Tips to Try Now

One aspect of health that is often overlooked is stress.

Stress symptoms can take a toll on your heart health, brain health, blood pressure, digestion, immunity, weight loss goals, and overall emotional wellbeing.

While we can never avoid stress completely, there are ways to naturally reduce it with the following tips.

1. Show Gratitude Daily

Practicing gratitude can have lasting effects on health, including improving immune function, lowering blood pressure, and leading to better sleep—all areas that take a toll when stress levels are high.

Recent research has even shown gratitude is beneficial for heart health. Basically, a person tends to be healthier the more grateful they are. Another study has shown gratitude benefits your immune system.

Being grateful makes you more connected with yourself and present environment, taking you away from the factors that cause stress.

2. Deep Breathing Techniques

Different breathing and relaxation techniques can help reduce stress, including 4-7-8 breathing.

Try pausing for a few minutes to breathe deeply, especially on the exhale, and focusing on your breath during times of high stress or anxiety.

3. Daily Prayer or Meditation

Mindfulness practices can be very beneficial for stress. Meditation and prayer are both powerful practices that help you slow down, connect with your higher purpose, and rest in the beauty and stillness of the moment.

Take time daily for quiet reflection with prayer and meditation on the Word of God. Your body and soul needs this time to focus on what’s most important and cast your worries of the flesh aside.

4. Exercise and a Healthy Diet

Just about any form of exercise can help relieve stress, from yoga to walking to weight lifting. Exercise increases “feel good” endorphins in your brain and takes your mind off your stressors. Even a little each day can make a difference over time

And don’t forget to eat a diet full of healthy, mood-boosting foods. Try the 21 Day Detox to get started or the Keto Zone diet for weight loss and overall health.

5. Try Natural Supplements and Scents

Sometimes your body needs a little more support than just diet and exercise. Some good supplements for stress relief include:

  • Ginseng
  • Ashwagandha
  • Magnesium
  • L-theanine
  • Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)
  • Chamomile

Calming candles or essential oil scents like lavender, orange, frankincense, and sandalwood

Try Dr. Colbert’s Serene-3 and Restful Sleep.

6. Spend Time Laughing with Loved Ones

Social support is crucial during times of stress, anxiety, or depression. It remind us we aren’t alone, and research shows we actually release a natural stress-relieving chemical called oxytocin when spending time with loved ones [1].

And don’t forget to laugh! Laughing relieves your stress response, relaxes muscles, improves your mood, and can even boost your immunity over time [2].

7. Journal or Talk with Someone You Trust

Don’t bury stress until it builds up and becomes unbearable.

Try using a physical or online journal daily to write out your feelings. And speak with someone who can provide valuable guidance and perspective, such as a pastor or parent.

Expressing your concerns can help work problems that are causing you stress.

Stress Less By Putting Your Health First

The ultimate tip for how to relieve stress starts with putting your own health first.

The stress-relieving benefits of choices that are good for you body, mind, and soul will extend out into all other aspects of your well-being, allowing you to be more of the person you desire to be—for yourself and those around you.



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  1. Thanks dr Colbert Jesus is working greatly in you I hope someday I can see you in person and rejoice in god with you tell your patience this truth with god give me is eat things that have life in it . First eat the word of god mediate on the word night and day like proverbs 4:verse 20:22 which says my son or daughter give attention to my words incline your ear unto my saying do not them depart from your (mind) keep in the midst of your heart they are life unto those that find health to all their flesh ( life to your spirit and peace the mind balence to your body then eat phyical food that is a live get good sleep and excercise clean water then you will find life in spirit and mind and body amen god bless all that reads this jd

  2. Good Evening, I am taking the Keto Zone MCT oil Powder, but I lost some weight, and I don’t want to.. my height 5.5 and my weight is 140, I’m 73 and very active, should I discontinue it? thanks, Can I send it back and get the collagen in returned? God Bless


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