There’s a Problem with Resolutions & Goals, Try 1 Big Shift Instead

New Year’s Resolutions and goals can be extremely healthy. They can offer us a chance to take stock of the previous year and look forward to accomplishments in the next. But, there is a downside to setting them. There is a reason that the majority of people give up on them before January is over. Many people simply feel overwhelmed. There’s a problem with resolutions and goals once the demands of “real life ” set back in.

On its face, goal setting is great. This is especially true if you focus on your habits. We’ve written about it many times. However, as a population, we are seldom successful at New Year’s Resolutions. This can lead to yearly disappointment, stress, and even despair (1).

If you are successful and have no problem with resolutions and goals, that’s great. Keep going. This plan for 1 Big Shift will help you too.

If year after year you set and abandon your goals and resolutions, this new way of thinking will make all the difference this year.

Here’s the problem with resolutions and goals and what you can do instead. Plus, a chance for you to win a copy of Dr. Colbert’s newest book – see entry rules at the end of the article!

The Problem with Resolutions and Goals

Actually, there are a few problems. If you find yourself disappointed by the end of January each year, you may be setting resolutions and goals that:

  1. Don’t work in your lifestyle.  Getting more sleep is a great goal. But, if you work 16 hours per day, have kids to tend to at night, and are taking classes on the side, you likely won’t be able to pencil in time for more sleep. Something’s got to give or getting more sleep is a dream (pun intended).
  2. Focus on the end results and not the habits. Sure, losing 20 pounds would be great. But, if you don’t think about the habits that cause it (eating, sleep, exercise, etc), then just writing down “lose 20 pounds” is a waste of paper.
  3. Are set when you are on vacation. What? Have you ever noticed that many of us set these amazing, nostalgic, beautiful goals while we have more free time than normal? After we’ve watched more hallmark movies, spent time with the kids, and are filled with joy and good tidings? It’s easy to think that you’ll write to your Grandma every week while you’re still feeling the glow of Christmas. But, when January 31st hitss, and you’re back to work, school, and a full schedule, it can become harder.

Honestly, the problem with resolutions and goals is they sometimes become busy work and extra tasks in an already too-busy schedule.

Try This Instead: One Big Shift

What if you tried to do just one big thing instead, one big shift, and see where it gets you? Once you are good at this one big shift, go ahead and think about the smaller things. The habits. The goals. But right now, just focus on one big shift.

What do I mean?

What’s one big thing you could do in 2021 that would make the biggest difference in your life? What’s one big thing that would allow you to do all the other things?

For example, what if you woke up one hour earlier? I know. This one hurts. It’s hard. It’s cold and dark in Winter. But, if you feel overwhelmed by life, what would an hour offer? If you work from home, perhaps it would allow you to quit an hour earlier and make the homemade dinners you dream about making. Perhaps it would allow you to get a coffee with a friend mid-morning. Or, give you a headstart so the day doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Or, it would give you an hour to exercise.

Or, what if you turned off the TV and screens on weekday evenings? Would that allow you to spend better time with your kids, read the 50 books you want to read or learn to knit?

Or, if your work is overwhelming and you need to scale it, what would exploring outsourcing options, subcontractors, or virtual assistants do for you? Would that allow for all the things you want to do like stress-relief, a marketing plan, or a new product?

Or, if you’re overweight or simply not happy with your health, what is one big thing you can do? Perhaps you go for it and join the 21 Day Keto Zone Challenge. Jump in. See what it is. Learn a new way to eat. Lose weight. Gain energy.

The key here is to actually not look at the details and outcomes in the beginning. Only focus on the one big shift that will change your life. Then, when the fog clears, you will have made a change that allows you to accomplish what you want.

If you do this each year, rather than focus on small little goals that you’ve repeatedly abandoned, what will your life look like in 5 years?

The Problem with One Big Shift

Of course, almost all ideas have problems.

The biggest problem with one big shift is that it can be scary. And hard.

But it’s not usually overwhelming because it’s just one thing, and there’s not much pressure on the outcome.

It is definitely difficult to wake up one hour earlier. We all know how important sleep is (the good thing is it will also likely force you to go to bed earlier because you’ll be tired in the evening). Waking up at 5:30 instead of 6:30 does not sound like fun. Here are a few tips to help you make any big shift.

Tips for Making Any Big Shift

  1. If your shift is scary, write down a “worst that can happen” list. Oftentimes, this list will show that the consequences are not dire, and it’s worth taking the leap.
  2. Try using the “5 Second Rule” created by Mel Robbins. This sounds simple, but it is life-changing for some. When you need to do what you’ve set out to do, count down from 5 to 0, and then do it without thinking. While simple, this is actually complex neuroscience and forming new pathways in your brain for action. This one works for things like getting up early.
  3. Tell someone you trust. Find someone else who is trying to make a change. Then check in with each other about your progress weekly.
  4. Pay up where it hurts. Find someone you’ll pay if you don’t do what you said you’ll do. Teenage kids and grandkids are great for this because they are no longer sweet enough to let you off the hook, and they really want money. If you don’t turn off the TV or you do pick up your screen in the evening, pay them $5. If you don’t wake up early, pay them $5. Whatever your shift, if you don’t do it, pay up. This will get old (and expensive). Another option is to pay a political or another group with which you don’t agree. Do you hate their agenda? Pay up. This consequence is immediate and it works.

One Big Shift: The 21 Day Keto Challenge

Since you’re reading this article, chances are you are interested in your health. If you have not yet taken the plunge to start the 21 Day Keto Challenge, perhaps this is your one big shift for 2021! An eating plan that will help you lose weight, get fit, feel great and more is huge. What a great shift!

And, it’s free. You’ll receive guidance, recipes, tips, and more to get started. Try it here: 21 Day Keto Challenge.

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Bottom Line

Resolutions, goals, habits; they can all be good and for some they work well. But, if you’re someone who sets them, becomes overwhelmed by them, and then abandons them year after year, try 1 big shift instead this year. You’ve got nothing to lose and your dreams to gain.

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