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Your Eggnog Latte is Killing You. Here’s the Truth & A Great Alternative

Does an eggnog latte killing you sound a bit drastic? Sure. But, it’s also an uncomfortable truth. Our highly ultra-processed sugar diets are killing us. Literally. But, with every truth comes freedom. You have a choice.

Here’s a tale of 2 eggnog lattes. One that has almost 1/4 cup of sugar per serving (52 grams!), and our Keto Zone Healthy Eggnog Latte – delicious and nourishing – with only 3 grams of net carbs.

Choose your Eggnog Latte wisely. Then, let us know how healthy Keto Zone recipes have changed your health! Read to the end of this article to find out how to submit a testimonial and enter to win Dr. Colbert’s newest book!

Keto Zone Healthy Eggnog Latte



  1. Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth and foamy. Take care to allow steam to escape so it doesn’t erupt out of the blender. Pour into a mug and serve. Makes 1 serving.
  2. You can also make this with cold coffee and pour over ice in the summer – delish!

Nutrition info: 185 calories, 11 gm fat, 3 grams net carbs (6 grams carbs, 3 grams fiber), 16 grams protein)

The Tale of 2 Eggnog Lattes

If you’re like many people around the world, you may head to your local Starbucks and buy a latte now and then. In fact, Starbucks sold approximately $26.51 billion worth of drinks, foods, and merchandise globally in 2019 (1). That’s a lot of lattes.

And while each latte might only set you back $6 or so, the real price is in your health.

You see, you’ve got a choice when it comes to Eggnog Lattes.

You can spend your money and health on a latte that contains ultra-processed ingredients, or you can step it up with a nourishing Keto Zone Healthy Eggnog Latte.

Eggnog Latte #1: Could a Latte Really Be Deadly?

At your nearest drive-up, it’s so easy to roll in and grab a tasty commercial eggnog latte. Hand over a few bucks, and receive a steaming hot treat.

So, what’s the harm?
The ingredients in that latte are lethal. Yes, that’s right. For a few bucks you’ll receive almost 1/4 cup of sugar in your travel mug. Fifty-two grams per 16 ounces.
Sugar is one hallmark of a lethal ultra-processed diet, and consuming this much in a beverage along with caffeine is absolutely detrimental to health.

Ultra-Processed Diets, Mortality, and Health

In fact, study after study has linked ultra-processed diets with altered blood sugars, negative cardiovascular effects, ad even increased risk of death (2).

In one study, participants who ate the Standard American Diet consumed 14.4% of the total weight from ultra-processed foods. This accounted for  29.1% of their total daily caloric intake. Incredibly, with every 10% increase in ultra-processed foods, the risk for all-cause death increased by 14%!

Another study published in late 2019 of more than 100,000 participants found that consumption of ultra-processed foods is significantly linked to an increase in the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes (3).

What’s more, when you combine caffeine and sugar, you do double damage to your health. Caffeine can disrupt the sensitivity of insulin in cells, even in otherwise healthy people, when consumed with sugar. This means the glucose has nowhere to go, and blood sugars may begin rising.

Other studies have found that when caffeine and liquid sugar are consumed, the caffeine impairs sensitivity to insulin, which impairs the body’s ability to deal with the sugar (4). Meta-analysis has shown this is consistently an issue, for both healthy subjects and those with impaired blood sugars to start (5).

It’s literally killing us.

Latte #2: Keto Zone Healthy Eggnog Latte is Actually Nourishing

On the other hand, you can choose the 2nd latte, one that nourishes your body.

The star of this recipe is the Eggnog MCT Oil Powder. A high-quality MCT Oil powder, such as Keto Zone Eggnog MCT Oil powder works throughout the body to support health, brain health, nutrient absorption, skin, and energy.

In fact, the potent medium-chain triglyceride caprylic acid (C8) supports:

  • Heart Health:  MCT Oil Powder has been shown to support healthy cholesterol profiles including healthy LDL cholesterol levels, LDL particle numbers, and HDL cholesterol (67).
  • Anti-inflammatory actions: MCTs support anti-inflammation in the body. In 2014, a study of 30 adults found that consuming MCTs for 30 days promoted healthy LDL, HDL, and C-reactive protein (a marker for inflammation) (1).
  • Brain Health: Ketones produced from the keto diet and MCT Oil Powder are associated with many benefits, including support of brain health, healthy aging, and healthy brain function (8).
  • Healthy Weights: MCTs have been shown to support healthy weight and BMI while keeping dieters more satiated than those eating high carbs.
  • Energy: MCTs feed the mitochondrias of cells. These cellular components are energy producers.
  • Healthy Blood Sugars, Healthy Digestions, and more

And how many grams sugar in Latte, #2, our Keto Zone Healthy Eggnog Latte? Zero.

What About You? Tell Us Your Keto Zone Health Story & Enter to Win!

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Entry Rules:

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Bottom Line

You’ve got a choice in the Tale of Two Eggnog Lattes, just as you have a choice with every food and drink decision you make. This year, choose your health, skip the sugar, and try our Keto Zone Healthy Eggnog Latte.


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