Dr. Don Colbert


Back to School Cold Prevention Tips

Many people dread dealing with a sick household that can come with the beginning of the school year. Germs may be everywhere but the difference between catching a cold and staying healthy is the strength of your immune system.


Big Power, Little Bean – The Wonders of Green Coffee Bean Extract

There has been a growing buzz lately about the promising benefits of green coffee bean extract. While green coffee bean extract is certainly no stranger to the health and supplement industries, it is gaining widespread popularity as a reliable weight…


Pint-sized Blueberries Offer Superfood Punch

Let’s face it, as we grow older, who among us doesn’t want to live a longer, healthier life? In reality, we all should, and now we all can. Or at least we can opt for the indulgence of certain superfoods,…


5 Tips on Training like an Olympian

Olympic officials tell us four billion people watched the Olympics sometime during their 16 day run. Whether it’s the patriotism, spirit of the games, or cheering for your favorite underdog, watching the games may actually help motivate you to improve…


Is the Pool Triggering your Asthma?

Michael Phelps’ star performance in the Olympics may inspire countless people to jump into the pool this summer with visions of gold on their minds. But a Center for Disease Control and Prevention report demonstrates there may be some risk…


Fiber, Soy Foods, Grape Seed

I recommend taking a fiber supplement, such as oat bran, psyllium, or fresh ground flaxseeds every day.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Frequently Fail

Eighty-eight percent of New Year’s resolutions fail, mostly due to a lack of strategy. Whether you are aiming to quit smoking or shed 15 unwanted pounds, you need a detailed plan. Give yourself the advantage this January. Learn from the…

Pitaya: This Superfruit May Surprise You

Goji berries had their turn in the spotlight; pomegranates and acai have become household staples. Now it’s time for the pitaya. Also known as dragon fruit, pitaya is gaining widespread popularity for its health benefits.

Your Top 5 Flu Questions Answered

This year’s flu season is packing a wallop across most of the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), widespread outbreaks have been reported in 47 states, making this the worst season in more than a…

Fast Food Linked to Asthma, Eczema and Fever in Children

Kids who eat three or more servings a week of fast food have something more at risk than obesity. A new study of 500,000 children, between 6 and 14 years of age, in 51 countries, has linked fast foods to…