• I recommend taking a fiber supplement, such as oat bran, psyllium, or fresh ground flaxseeds every day.

    I encourage my patients to drink eight ounces of water with at least one to two teaspoons of psyllium seeds, such as Perdiem fiber or Metamucil (without sugar or Nutrasweet), first thing in the morning and then again at bedtime.

  • Soy foods, including soy protein, soy milk, tofu, tempeh, soy flour, soy meat substitutes, and even roasted soy nuts, contain potent phytonutrients that reduce the risk of developing breast, lung, colon, or stomach cancer.
  • Grape seed and pine bark extract are twenty times more potent as free radical scavengers than vitamin C and fifty times more potent than vitamin E. These are extremely important in any antioxidant formula and should be taken on a daily basis.

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