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15 Awesome Keto Zone Gifts for Every Price Range

Got a Keto Zone enthusiast in your life? Or, one who’s striving to be?

This year, you can give them an amazing gift that will support their healthy lifestyle.

With these thoughtful options, you can give more than a “thing.” You can give the gift of health, time, and a bit of culinary fun.

And, while Keto Zone cooking is not overly difficult, a few gadgets, books, and ingredients can make it easier and keep it interesting.

Here are 15 awesome Keto Zone gifts for your loved ones:

15 Awesome Keto Zone Gifts

1. Books: Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet and the Quick and Healthy Keto Zone Cookbook by Dr. Colbert

It’s been said that “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint Exupery

If you’ve got a loved one with the goal of keto zone eating, they may need a great plan.

And, this is it.

In “Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet” book, he leads you through the science and the steps to starting a Keto Zone diet. His approach is truly one of letting your food be your medicine, and this book allows you to take control of both.

Next, he’s just published a new cookbook that provides quick, healthy and delicious recipes to keep you on track: Quick and Health Keto Zone Cookbook.

2. Easy-to-Use Electric Kitchen Scale

If you want to become a better chef, a kitchen scale will help.

In fact, this becomes even more true for keto zone cookers learning how to use low-carb sweeteners and different types of flours.

3. Aero Press Coffee maker and Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder (Creamer by Divine Health)

Know someone who loves a great cup of joe?

It’s hard to beat the smooth texture and taste of coffee made with an Aero Press. This simple kitchen gadget delivers 2-3 cups of likely the best-tasting coffee you’ve ever had.

What’s more,  take it to the next level with Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder. This powder is made of highly nutritious medium chain triglyceride oil, dried into powder form. It’s convenient, has a reduced risk of stomach issues compared to liquid MCT oil, and concentrated health-benefitting fatty acids.

4. Vegetable Spiralizer

No pasta? No problem.

When you have a vegetable spiralizer, the world of vegetable “pastas” opens up. There are many delicious, versatile options with vegetable noodles.

Wheat-based pasta won’t be missed when you make zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash pasta.

5. Homemade Butter Maker

Need more fat in your diet? If you’re adding butter, you can start with the best local ingredients and produce delicious, fresh, butter!

This simply gadget only requires heavy cream and salt. Or, you can add fresh garlic and herbs.

6. Magnetic Spice Rack and Metal Wall Plate

We could all use more kitchen storage.

Great Keto Zone cooking often involves recipes with delicious, health-promoting spices. So many spices that you may not have room to store them.

If you’ve got just a bit of wall space, or even the inside of a cabinet door, you can attach a metal wall plate and use these modern magnetic spice containers.

7. Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

An electric pressure cooker can truly life-changing for the busy home chef.

It works as a slow cooker for make-ahead meals. Then, it also cooks meats (even frozen), one-pot meals, sauteed foods, stews, and more quickly.

This is sure to become a favorite kitchen tool and truly gives the gift of time.

8. Keto Zone 21-Day Detox Package by Divine Health

There are three parts to a healthy detox program.

Eliminate. Restore. Create Awareness.

Divine Health’s Detox package will help you do all three.

It provides the guidance you need, supplements, and a plan to help you become your healthiest.

9. Ninja Kitchen System Blender and Food Processor

Any home cook needs a great food processor or blender. This one is both.

Blenders are vital to making great sauces, smoothies, pureed vegetable soups, homemade whipping cream, nut butter, and more. A Ninja blender is powerful and up to any of these challenges.

10. Silicone Egg Poacher Cups

Like poached eggs? Who doesn’t?

Poached eggs make a delicious breakfast or tasty snack, but they are not easy to make.

Unless…you have these easy-to-use poached eggs silicone cups.

Simply spray with oil, add your cracked egg, and cook in boiling water. Viole!

11. Avocado Saver

Avocados are often a go-to fat in the keto zone diet.

They are delicious, healthy, and versatile.

But, they are also expensive and turn brown quickly.

This “saver” makes sliced avocado last longer.  A great gift for the avocado lover in your life.

12. Beautiful Bamboo Cutting Board

If you’re gonna cut healthy meats, vegetables, and fats, you might as well do it on a beautiful bamboo cutting board. Did you know? Wood boards have been shown to retain less harmful bacteria than plastic!

13. Knife Sharpening Stone

Most people already have knives. Some even have great-quality knives.

Few home cooks have sharp ones.

Now, your loved one can keep his knives sharp with this beautiful sharpening stone.

14. Cast Iron Skillets with Silicone Handle Covers and Mats

A good cast iron skillet is a timeless gift.

This set will also help your loved one keep from burning herself on the handle!

Cast iron adds minerals to your food and avoids any unwanted harmful chemicals often contain in non-stick skillets and pans.

15. Hot Water Cooker (Immersion Circulator)

If you need a gift for someone who really wants to take their culinary game to the next level, a hot water cooker is perfect.

Used by culinary professionals to produce perfect meats, vegetables, and more, a water cooker takes the guesswork out of it.

No more over-cooked green beans or undercooked meat.

Bottom Line

Studies show that a great way to improve health is to simply eat more foods from home. This year, no matter your price range, give the gift of homemade cooking and eating in the keto zone.



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