Your Tongue Reveals A lot About Your Health

All aspects of the tongue tell a bit about you and how your health is doing: There is so much more that makes up the tongue and that the tongue can do that people just do not ever know or seem to consider.

Tongue Reveals Health Secrets

A simple look at a person’s tongue can tell you a lot and this is why doctors are always asking you to stick your tongue out for them and say ‘ah.’ Some things to look out for when it comes to your tongue include the color of your tongue, the texture of your tongue, how wet your tongue is and even some more aspects are often helpful.

Looking at the color of your tongue helps out a lot, if it is a light pink than you are pretty healthy; however, if there is even a slight discoloration of the tongue you are heading down the road to be sick. The tongue has a lot of blood vessels in it so it is susceptible to hemoglobin, you know may have this if your tongue is pale; eating some foods that are high in iron help with this; And if your tongue is really red than it could be inflamed because you do not have enough of vitamin B or even iron in your system. Another color to look out for is purple, this means your cholesterol is too high and or you could be experiencing signs of bronchitis. If this happens, changing your diet is not all you need to do; you will also need some medicine from a doctor.

As for the way your tongue feels if you have a few areas like at the tip of your tongue and they are only there every now and then you more than likely are burning yourself with drinks that are too hot. But if the spots are more widespread than you need some more Vitamin C in your diet. If your tongue is dry it will probably be a little swollen as well, this usually happens if you are seriously stressed out. Simply mix some apple cider and some lemon juice in a tall glass of water and drink it. Let the fluids sit in your mouth and coat your tongue; this will help relax your salivary glands. Keep in mind that is normal for there to be a very thin layer of mucus or what not on your tongue, this is common and is simply the result of not brushing your teeth enough and having really strong bad breath. If the coating is thick or white than you need to see a doctor because it is a sign of danger. Just use some mouthwash every time you brush your teeth and you will feel and see a difference within a week or less.

Knowing these signs will help you better yourself by yourself and you can learn to live a healthier and a better life. Tips like these can also help you save some time and some money. Gain a lot of benefits by knowing a little bit more about you and your body.

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  1. Jenay says:

    Thanks Dr. Colbert this is very interesting and informative. I have been reading and recommending your books for years as a trainer and nutrition coach. I love that you are a Christian and looking for alternatives as a doctor. Thanks and may God continue to bless your endeavors.

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