The one major secret behind breastfeeding is that, your baby will always have all the nutrients they need, no matter your diet. However, that is no guarantee to eat poor diet; you can convert the 300-500 daily extra calories per day into healthy ones.

Foots to Eat When Breast Feeding

You need the extra calories to restore your energy, increase milk production, and help with post-delivery weight loss. Pay attention to your hunger signs but do not starve yourself of favorite foods in the name of losing weight.

According to Tamara S. Melton a registered dietician also a professional nutritionist and spokesperson for Academy of Nutritional and Dietetics (AND), if you fail to take in adequate calories your body will hang onto all foods more-so if breastfeeding.

By exposing your baby to various flavors, he will become a healthy eater as he grows. In a recent article published in the journal of Pediatrics, we read that babies who breastfeed for at least three months become healthier eaters at age six compared to those who didn’t breastfeed past three months.

The following are some of the healthiest foods for breastfeeding women.


Water is not a food but is very important for various body processes, getting access to clean drinking water all day long is very important for maintaining the production of breast milk. If you do not take enough water, there are high chances you will be dehydrated and have reduced energy production. You should avoid taking a lot of water if suffering lack of sleep. Avoid limiting yourself, drink until you quench your thirst fully. The amount of non-caffeinated, sugarless beverages, as well as juicy fruits, soups, and beverages also matters a lot.


Salmon is a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12, and all these account for better health of an individual, including elimination of postpartum depression. Rachel Begun, a culinary nutritionist and registered dietician, argues that Salmon is as well one of the very few natural sources of vitamin D, an element that many women lack.

Whole grains

Whole grains include oatmeal, rice, breads, and paste and are rich in fiber, vitamin B, and minerals. Fiber fills up the digestive system making you feel fuller for longer which may help in losing weight you may have gained after childbirth. Fiber also aids in proper movement of food in the digestive system, and leveling blood sugar levels. Whole grains such as teff, quinoa, barley, and teff as well supply the body with proteins.

Lean Beef

Breastfeeding moms have higher than usual need for mineral zinc, which is readily available in beef. Beef contains a lot of B vitamins and iron as well, which are essential for maintaining energy levels. If possible, choose beef that feeds on grass since it contains more omega-3 acids and cut one raised without hormones and antibiotics.


Eggs are an easy accompaniment for meals and snacks. They have a lot of proteins, folate, lutein, vitamins D and B12, and choline. If you would like to get most nutrition, better eat the egg whole. Research shows that eggs do not increase the amount of body cholesterol.

Leafy green vegetables

Begun further argues that green vegetables have high levels of nutrients, and have low calorie content. Leafy green vegetables are rich in minerals like calcium, antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins A, C, E and K. It’s advisable to serve at least once a day, where you may add to breakfast omelet, make a stir fry, or blend with into a smoothie.

Begun further said that there are variety of green leafy vegetables to choose from, and as well each has different methods for preparation ranging from eating raw, steaming, frying, to boiling.

Legumes and beans

Begun said that moms can get all the nutrients they need through a vegetarian diet, however they have to choose their diet wisely.

Whether vegetarian or not, you can get rich supply of phytochemicals, minerals, and, vitamins. Consider something like adding slow chili to your dinner or adding chickpeas to your diet.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds supply the body with protein, antioxidants, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, minerals, and vitamins. These groups will counter the aging process, protect from developing heart disease, improve the health of your skin, and keep you satisfied until next meals thus eliminating need for fast foods between. Consider taking an apple with almond butter, trail mix, or almonds. They will keep you satisfied meals and reduce your craving for food consequently overeating.

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