Does Your Doctor Have Faith?

The human body is an incredibly complex orchestra of an estimated 37.2 trillion cells. Each cell averages around one billion cellular processes each second.

This comes out to be 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions in the body every second.

The human mind can hardly even comprehend a number that immense.

Each one of these chemical reactions are synchronized perfectly together to generate the wondrous harmony of the human body. If this is not adequate evidence of an intelligent and creative God, then what is?

God Created us to be Healthy

God designed the human body to thrive in the proper environment. When we have clean air and water, fresh nutritious food, adequate sun exposure, healthy relationships, and faith in God, we will be healthy and happy.

Disease (dis-ease) is a sign that something in the body, mind, and spirit is out of balance.

The symptoms of disease indicate that these things are out of alignment with Divine Law.

God and Science

Mainstream science assumes the laws of nature to be random happenstance in an unintelligent universe.

But we know better.

Scientific literature is replete with evidence of an intelligent and loving creative force in the universe. We should view science as a reflection of the mind of God.

The properly performed scientific investigation of biology reveals to us how to live in alignment with God’s law. When we are sick we are out of alignment on some level. The job of a doctor is to help you get back in alignment.

Why “Conventional” Healthcare is Broken

Allopathic doctors are trained by the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries to treat the symptoms of disease as opposed to the underlying cause of disease. Pills are prescribed to cover up symptoms while creating further imbalance in the body resulting in more pills to cover up the new symptoms caused by the pills.

This works great for generating economic activity, but not so great for generating healthy patients.

Many critics refer to America’s health care system as “sick care” for this very reason.

Divine Health is Your Birthright

Fortunately, many healthcare practitioners are waking up to the reality of this situation. If you are working through an illness, make sure you and your doctor are on the same page when it comes to faith and wellness.

More and more doctors are addressing health from a holistic perspective. This includes recognizing that health must be achieved in the body, mind, and spirit.

When these aspects of your being are in alignment with God’s law you will experience Divine Health.

Remember that Divine Health is not something a doctor can prescribe to you. Ultimately, you must take responsibility for your own state of health. Respect the gift of the miraculous body you’ve been given. Take care of yourself. This includes paying attention to nutrition, exercise, prayer, and stress reduction.


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