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Top 5 Keto Zone Summer Food Trends

It’s summer! Time for foods that are sun-filled, fresh, and healthy. How can you enjoy summer’s bounty and stay in the Keto Zone? It’s actually much easier than you might think. In fact, with a little creativity, you will find that there are more than enough great summer food trends that fit perfectly in Keto Zone. 

Here are the top 5:

1. Fresh Herbs on Everything

Whether you have a full-fledged garden, a simple container set-up, or just support your local grocer or farmer’s market, summer is prime time to use fresh herbs. What’s more, there are many Keto Zone dips, sauces, and condiments that highlight fresh herbs and take a dish to the next flavor level.

Fresh herbs are incredibly good for you. They boast antioxidants, phytochemicals, anti-inflammatory agents and more(1). Two herbs that double as nutrition stars are basil and parsley. Here are 2 easy recipes you can whip up in a jiffy and spread on almost any dish.

Easy Keto Zone Pesto: Place 2 cups packed fresh basil leaves, 2 cloves garlic, ¼ cup pine nuts, and 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice in a food processor or blender. Process until  coarsely chopped. Add 2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil. Process until fully incorporated and smooth. If desired, add salt and pepper to taste. Optionally, add in 1/3 cup shredded parmesan and mix thoroughly.

Keto Zone Chimichurri: Mix 1/2 cup olive oil, 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar, 1/2 cup finely chopped parsley, 3-4 cloves minced garlic, 2 small red chilies (chopped finely and seeded), 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano, 1 level  teaspoon coarse salt, and pepper (to taste) in a bowl. Allow to set at least 2 hours before enjoying.

2. Keto Zone BBQ,  Picnics, and Road Trip Summer Food Trends

Nothing quite says summer like barbeques, picnics, and road trips. Thankfully, it’s easy to live the Keto Zone lifestyle while enjoying all of these activities. Here’s a full compilation of easy keto zone options and tips:

Barbeques: There are many great Keto Zone cookout options. From appetizers to drinks to desserts, here’s a great list that will help you keep it in the Keto Zone: Summer Keto Zone Cookout Menu & Tips

Picnics: Did you know there are many Keto Zone Sandwich recipes? It’s true! Try these for your next picnic: 

Amazing Keto Zone Sandwiches

Keto Zone Picnic Menu

Road Trips: Sometimes, a vacation feels like more work than it’s worth when trying to stick to a food plan. This doesn’t have to be the case with Keto Zone. Relax and try these vacation and road trip Keto Zone tips:  Top Keto Zone Vacation Tips

3. Optimal Summer Hydration

Dehydration and heat-related fatigue are common issues in hot summer months. When you’re in the Keto Zone, especially when you’re first trying to get into ketosis, dehydration is a greater risk. Why?

As you cut out carbs, your body will no longer make as much insulin (or course, this is a good thing!). Without insulin to help store carbs, glycogen becomes depleted. For every gram of glycogen lost, 3 grams of water are excreted. In fact, your kidneys must work overtime to keep up.  

There are advantages. First, you will feel less bloated. However, you may also feel dehydrated. It’s paramount to hydrate with both fluids and electrolytes. What’s more, older adults are typically more at risk for dehydration (2).

The best way to maintain optimal hydration in the summer months is to add a daily dose of Instant Ketones with water or other fluids. Each serving adds an optimal amount of sodium and exogenous ketones to help you get into and stay in the Keto Zone. Then, hydrate well throughout the day with water and green tea.

For full tips on avoiding dehydration in the Keto Zone this summer, click here. 

4. Fresh Salads and Veggies

Along with fresh herbs, fresh vegetables are among the healthiest summer food trends. You can get in on the action! Low-carb Keto Zone veggies include:

  •         Cauliflower
  •         Broccoli
  •         Mushrooms
  •         Green Beans
  •         Asparagus
  •         Bok Choy
  •         Leek
  •         Spinach & Green Leafy Vegetables
  •         Avocado
  •         Zucchini
  •         Eggplant
  •         Radish
  •         Cabbage
  •         Brussels Sprouts

It’s easy to add more vegetables to your day. Try:

  •         Adding fresh veggies to any egg dish at breakfast.
  •         Use vegetable leaves in place of sandwich breads and wraps.
  •         Grill vegetables for dinner.
  •         Cover half your plate with salad every night. Then, drizzle with olive oil to add fat and stay in the Keto Zone.
  •         Never miss a daily dose of Fermented Green Supremefood. This amazing green powder includes organic vegetables, chlorella, milk thistle, and more to keep your body detoxified, energized, and feeling great!
  •         Try these 5 Hacks to add more Keto Zone vegetables!

5. Fresh Fruit Desserts

While many people think they have to avoid fruits to stay in the Keto Zone, you can actually take full advantage of many summer fruits without detriment. Of course, you must mind the portion. Take the “less is more” approach and enjoy Keto Zone friendly fruit desserts like berries and cream.

 Why add them?

Berries are a true superfood packed with antioxidants called anthocyanins and more in a low-carb package. In fact, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries promote brain health, healthy blood pressure, heart health, cancer prevention, and more (3). Enjoy them by mixing 1/4 cup berries and 1/4 cup heavy cream. 

Want more fruit? Here are 4 other Keto Zone friendly fruits to add this summer.

Lastly, include one serving of Organic Red Supremefood. This delicious powder contains probiotics and 9 USDA Organic Fruits in a low-carb formula. Among all the Keto Zone summer food trends, this might be the easiest!

Bottom Line

There’s no better time than summer to focus on healthy, fresh food. With these top summer food trends, you can stay in the Keto Zone and enjoy everything summer has to offer. Keep it low-carb, fresh, and delicious this summer!




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