The Google research lab has developed a pill that will be used as an early warning system to detect cancer and other imbalances in the body before they develop. The pill contains several nanoparticles that enter the bloodstream and have the ability to attach to any cancer tumour cells that may be present. A sensor is worn around the wrist which can give an indication whenever normal biochemistry changes.


A separate device that is comprised of a magnet is used which can draw the nanoparticles towards the device for the purpose of being counted and individualized. Knowing about any slight changes in a person’s biochemistry would allow doctors to run further tests at the earliest opportunity, thus leading to a better chance of containment and eradication. The nanoparticles would be able to work constantly monitoring the blood for any changes for long periods of time.

Although still in an early stage of development, the pills offer a chance of inhibiting or preventing any future occurrences. Other innovations are being researched by Google X in the hope of curbing known medical illnesses and decreasing the mortality rate linked to diseases. Other innovations Google X include contact lenses that have the ability to measure glucose in diabetes sufferers as well as acquiring a start-up company that created a spoon that can be used to counteract tremors caused by various illnesses including Parkinson’s disease.

In the UK alone there are over 330,000 diagnoses of cancer annually with millions of instances globally.

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