Chronic pain is a serious condition that affects about 33.33 percent of the current adult population. Over a period of seven years, the number of adolescents admitted in health facilities due to chronic pains rose to approximately 831 percent. The major explanation for this is that most patients suffering Mind Body Syndrome are mistakenly treated for acute pain. So far, writing is the best treatment plan for MBS (Mind Body Syndrome).

Writing Inspires Everyone

Writing Inspires Everyone


Chronic pain causes emotional and physical stress to a person, and makes the body secrete adrenaline and cortisol, as well as other stress hormones. MBS results when the symptoms resulting from over secretion of stress hormones become rampant. As time goes by the organ systems will respond or shut down completely, thus creating undesirable physical symptoms.

When researchers want a physical evidence of MBS, they study the functional brain scans of an individual. In a research report published in 2012, researchers investigated the scans of patients suffering severe back pain for a time period not exceeding three months, and compared them to those of people that had suffered from it for at least ten years. Their study concluded that within a year of onset of pain, the driver of pain switched from acute pain center to region to the emotional center region of the brain.

Writing helps separate you and your thoughts

Treatments centered on acute pain are not effective for people suffering MBS because they just address the physical aspect. Patients suffering MBS have long lasting pain pathways which have to be relearned or disrupted for them to lead normal life, unfortunately, they cannot be unlearned.

You can create alternative pathways by following the following sequence:

Awareness: Identify the effects that the disruptive ways have on your nervous system and other body systems.

Detachment: The body needs to separate automatic responses and the stimuli. The only way to move forward is learning to let go.

Reprogramming: You can effectively treat chronic pain and the uprising anxiety by reprogramming because it separates you and your thoughts.

How writing can help

Writing helps you to let go by separating your body from your negative thoughts. The best way to be connected to bigger visions in life is creating a space between what you think and yourself, keep in mind that you are worthy something more that the pain you feel. Writing is also associated with reprogramming the nervous system, meaning you can respond quickly and in the right way to pain.

The first step is engaging in negative writing, where you write all your negative thoughts on a piece of paper and then destroy it. By destroying your text you get complete freedom because you get freedom to write whatever is on your mind. By getting more specific your writing will be more effective.

In some cases patients heal by just doing a simple version of this exercise. The positive effects of negative expressive writing have been documented in literature dating back hundreds of years.

You are not restricted on the frequency and time spent at writing. However, the recommended writing is at most twice day, taking 5 – 30 minutes for each session. This can be compared to brushing your teeth.

You may come to realize that writing is effective after you stop because the symptoms are likely to recur in 2 – 3 weeks.

If you would like to know the efficacy of expressive writing, just try it out.

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