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Revitalizing Energizing Green Smoothie for the New Year!

This time of year, it’s easy to feel fatigued and overwhelmed. It’s easy to set aside health goals, and just wait until the new year. But, there’s never been a better time to feel revitalized and energized! We’ve got an energizing green smoothie recipe that can help you stay on track and finish the year strong.

In fact, this smoothie contains ingredients that can revitalize and help detoxify your body, from your cells to organs to everything in between.

If you’ve indulged a bit too much this Holiday season, try this smoothie to detox and revitalize.  If you’re just looking for more energy to finish out the year, try this smoothie for its energizing qualities. And, if you want a new recipe for a healthier new year, commit to this smoothie each day for one daytime meal, and see its wonderful effects on health and energy.

Here’s how to make it, and how it can revitalize you!

Revitalizing Energizing Green Smoothie for a New Year!



Place all ingredients in a blender. Mix well, adding water and/or ice to desired consistency. Makes one serving.

Revitalizing and Energizing Foods

1. Keto Zone Fiber Zone

If you want to revitalize and re-energize your body, start with a healthy digestive tract.

The inulin and psyllium husk in Keto Zone Fiber Zone are two amazing fibers that support digestive health. In fact, both inulin and psyllium husk stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. When these bacteria are healthy, yeast overgrowth is inhibited, and digestion improves. What’s more, healthy fibers and digestion directly support immune health (12) and energy.

2. Divine Health Fermented Green Supremefood® with Chlorophyll

When it comes to energizing food, it’s hard to beat chlorophyll. In fact, this lifeblood of plants can do wonders in the human body as well.

Chlorophyll acts similarly to hemoglobin in the human body, except it carries magnesium instead of iron (3). It supports immune health, digestive health, and liver health.

It also works to alkalize the body and urine pH. This supports liver function and helps the body remove toxins like metals, pesticides, and more.

Chlorophyll is found in most raw, live greens. Divine Health Fermented Green Supremefood® contains fermented greens and chlorophyll including alfalfa, kale, spirulina, wheatgrass, and more. The fermentation process makes the nutrients in these foods more bioavailable in the body. Thus, they deliver high amounts of nutrients and chlorophyll to the blood (45).

3. Beets and Beet Powder

Beets are one of the most vibrantly colored vegetables around. Their beautiful hue comes from phytochemicals called betanins. But betanins are much more than a pretty color. They are the primary nutrient in beets and are responsible for their many health benefits (6). In fact, they fight free radicals, encourage reduced inflammation, and support the detoxification of the cells.

What’s more, beets also support the production and work of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant our cells make to fight damaging substances.

Beets also support the oxygenation of the body. This means energy!  Beets contain natural nitrates that are converted to nitric oxides in the body. Nitric oxides dilate blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to circulate more efficiently. Nitric oxide may also increase muscle tissues’ ability to use oxygen (6).

One of the best ways to get the power of beets, especially when following a low-carb diet, is through Divine Health Red Supremefoods®.

4. Keto Zone Hydrolyzed Collagen

Keto Zone Hydrolyzed Collagen works throughout the body to support health, nutrient absorption, skin, and energy.

In fact, it contains many forms of collagen, including types I, II, and III. This combination revitalizes and supports gut health, skin health, joint health, and immune function.

In fact, many studies now show that a dose of ~10 grams per day of collagen supports skin elasticity, hydration, dermal collagen density, youthful appearance, reduced wrinkles, and less skin fragmentation (78, 9, 10).

What’s more, it supports joint health and movement so you can get out there and enjoy activities in the New Year!

5. Cranberries

Cranberries are an amazing superfood. In fact, this low-carb fruit is loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals that help neutralize free radicals to support cellular health.

In addition, whole cranberries, as opposed to juice or extracts, specifically support cardiovascular and liver health. They support healthy cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and arterial flexibility (11). Together, a healthy cardiovascular system and arteries deliver blood, oxygen, and energizing nutrients to the body efficiently.

Bottom Line

A New Year calls for revitalization and new energy. Try our Energizing Green Smoothie. Of course, you don’t have to wait for 2021. You can choose to finish this year with great momentum and move into the healthiest year of your life. And if you’d like more ideas for detoxifying and revitalizing your body, join Dr. Colbert’s 21 Day Detox and Fast! New energy and new health for a  New Year!


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