Healthy Articles

Healthy Articles

That Fastest Way to Lose Weight in 42 Days!

If you want to burn fat fast and keep it off safely this may be the challenge for you.

Healthy Articles

Flu Vaccines 2014 – Learn Which Ones to Avoid

Did you know there are now 5 different flu vaccines with multiple ways to administer them. Learn what flu vaccines Dr. Colbert recommends you AVOID at all costs.

How to Prevent & Treat the Flu Naturally

If you are trying to avoid the adverse side affects associated with the flu vaccine then here are some alternatives. Get the facts and listen to Dr. Colbert give you several natural ways to both prevent and treat the flu.

Video: How to Reverse Memory Loss Naturally

Are you suffering from memory loss, brain fog and forgetfulness? Did you know there are real natural solutions to overcoming memory loss. Unlike popular belief, your brain actually has the ability to heal itself and create new brain cells when…

Video: Dr. Colbert Discusses Alzheimer’s – Part 2

Discover Natural Means to Common Illnesses with Dr. Colbert’s Health Report. During this episode Dr. Colbert explains the leading causes of Alzheimer’s, natural ways for preventation, and proven ways to support a healthy memory.

What is Making Older Adults Brains Age Faster?

According to a study conducted by researchers from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore, elderly people who sleep less show evidence of rapid decline in their cognitive performance. These findings may act as a foundation for upcoming work related to…

Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease With Low-Cost Foods

A recent study concluded that the consumption of at least one serving per day of lentils, peas, chickpeas and beans can help you lower your risk of developing heart disease. These foods, called pulses, are plant proteins and are widely…

Healthy Holiday Alternatives

Studies show most people gain a few pounds over the holidays. People who are already overweight tend to gain the most. The bad news is most people keep those extra pounds for life – and it keeps adding up year…

How to Add Healthy Fiber to Ground Beef

Several studies suggest most Americans consume about half the daily amount of dietary fiber they need. Low calorie dietary fiber is mainly found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Soluble fiber is found in

Pitaya: This Superfruit May Surprise You

Goji berries had their turn in the spotlight; pomegranates and acai have become household staples. Now it’s time for the pitaya. Also known as dragon fruit, pitaya is gaining widespread popularity for its health benefits.