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7 Reasons You’ll Meet Your Health Goals with Keto Zone 

Do you have health and weight goals?

You’re not alone.

In fact, whether it’s for looks, health, or well-being, the majority of adults want to improve their health or weight.

So, what’s stopping you?

Sometimes, it’s just difficult to lose weight and improve health within modern, busy lifestyles. Other times, it’s lack of know-how or years of following a weight loss regimen that hasn’t worked.

No matter the cause, Keto Zone is a great answer.

In fact, if you’re looking to lose weight, improve blood sugars, improve cholesterol numbers, and more, Keto Zone works.

In fact, here are 7 Reasons You’ll Meet Your Health Goals with Keto Zone.

7 Reasons You’ll Meet Your Health Goals with Keto Zone 

1. Keto Zone Eating Promotes Abdominal Fat Weight Loss from the Beginning

There’s little doubt; when you cut carbs significantly, you’ll lose weight.

In fact, you’ll specifically lose abdominal fat, and you’ll likely see great results in the first 6 months.

First, low-carb diets help your body rid itself of excess water and bloating, especially in the mid-section. Then, they lower insulin. Even moderately high insulin levels stand as a barrier to fat breakdown and loss.

Low-carb eaters generally see fat loss in the first 2 weeks (23). Typically, they lose 200-300% more weight than low-fat dieters in this time, and they’re able to do it without hunger (45).

You may have heard that different diets result in the same amount of weight loss after six months or so. It’s true that low-carb eating has the most impact initially (6). But it’s also true that most dieters who do not show initial success give up in the first month. Losing early is important to motivation and long-term success.

But the biggest advantage isn’t the time of fat loss, it’s the location. Low-fat eating tends to reduce abdominal visceral fat. This fat is lodged around organs and is associated with inflammation and insulin resistance.

Keto Zone eating targets visceral fat and helps you lower it quickly (7, 8).

Moreover, losing weight often automatically improves cholesterol, blood sugars, and more.

2. The Keto Zone Promotes Weight Loss without Hunger

But what about hunger? Are you going to feel like you’re starving in order to lose weight?

Hunger is one of the biggest reasons most people can’t stick with a standard diet. Once hungry, many people fixate on what they want to eat, but cannot have.

Oftentimes, those diet-induced “intense cravings” are simply intense hunger.

But there’s not a hunger issue with the Keto Zone.

Keto Zone’s low-carb eating and ketosis automatically lead to a reduction in appetite (9). This occurs for a few reasons:

  • Healthy fat foods are filling and promote satiety
  • Proteins are slow-digesting, allowing eaters to feel satisfied
  • Ketone production suppresses appetite
  • Leptin levels are optimized signaling fullness

What’s more, according to several studies, people eat fewer calories when they eat low-carbohydrate while increasing protein and fat (9).

3. Keto Zone Encourages Whole Foods, Vegetables, and Healthy Fats

Unlike some ketogenic diet plans, the Keto Zone is discriminate on the fats and proteins you choose.

It encourages consumption of high omega-3 foods and proteins that are anti-inflammatory.  These include organic and local meats, fish, medium chain triglycerides, and more.

It also promotes the consumption of whole greens and vegetables, utilizing low-carb options in meal planning and recipes.

What’s more, it urges users to use spices and foods that promote whole body health such as turmeric, collagen, cinnamon, ginger, and more.

Whole foods for whole body health, no matter your carb level.

4. Keto Zone is Beneficial for Blood Sugars and Diabetes

This one’s simple. If you cut carbs, you will lower blood sugars and risk of Diabetes.

Unfortunately, diabetes and insulin resistance now affects millions of people worldwide (1011). Not only is this a medical condition in and of itself, but high blood sugars also make it very difficult to lose weight.

Study and study have concluded that cutting carbs dramatically reduces blood sugars and insulin levels (1213). It’s so drastic, that it’s important to warn your doctor about the diet change as you’ll likely need less insulin and/or medication in order to not experience low blood sugars.

6. Keto Zone is Good for Brain Health

When you don’t eat as many carbs, your brain will begin to burn ketones instead of carbs as fuel.

Astonishingly, this change in brain fuel has been used successfully for decades to help children with epilepsy vastly reduce seizures (without medications) (14).

Now, there is promising research on ketosis and brain improvements

For degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease (15).

What’s more, many people in ketosis report greater brain clarity, focus, and function than before.

3. The Keto Zone Helps Lower Harmful Triglycerides and Blood Pressure

Often, we’re most worried about cholesterol for heart health.

But high triglycerides and blood pressure are just as (if not more) dangerous.

Triglycerides are fat molecules that circulate in your bloodstream. When they are high, there is a high risk of heart disease (16).

What causes high triglycerides?

You’ve guessed it: In sedentary people, it’s simple sugar and carbohydrate consumption (171819).

Cut the carbs with Keto Zone and you’ll see a drop in triglycerides (2021).

You’ll also see blood pressure fall. Elevated blood pressure puts you at risk of many diseases including heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. Low-carb Keto Zone eating is a great antidote (2223).

4. Keto Zone Supports Better Cholesterol Numbers

The Keto Zone diet will also promote better cholesterol readings.


First, it will improve high-density lipoprotein (HDL) numbers. Since a better ratio of HDL to “bad” LDL lowers your risk of heart disease, this is great news (242526)!

Then, it can even improve the type of LDL cholesterol in your blood. Especially if you include medium chain triglycerides, you can reduce the type of LDL cholesterol that is able to enter cell walls and form plaques.

Amazingly, cutting carbs and increasing healthy fats with Keto Zone does even more than affect heart health, brain health, and blood sugars.

This style of eating also benefits those suffering from autoimmune diseases including:

  • Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism
  • Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Celiac disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

In addition to weight loss, Keto Zone encourages healthy foods and fats that improve these conditions while discouraging inflammatory foods such as gluten and unhealthy processed foods.

The Bottom Line

There’s little doubt that Keto Zone eating leads to fat loss, and fat loss leads to immense health benefits.

Additionally, Keto Zone uses the combination of low-carbohydrates, ketone production, and healthy, whole-foods to promote heart, blood sugar, brain, and whole-body health.

There are many reasons we believe you’ll meet your health goals with Keto Zone. If you’re looking for a place to start, try the 21 Day Keto Zone Challenge (click on the tab on the left) or Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet. What’s stopping you?



  1. I was on the Colbert Keto Diet for 10 days and had to stop my diabetes medication as my blood sugars were too low.
    I no longer need them after taking them for over a decade.
    My wife and I are now on the Keto Diet and will continue forever.

  2. I have experienced thinning hair and have nodules in my thyroid after being on keto for a year. Some say that these are related.True?


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