5 Must-Have Products For Your Fat Burn Goals

You’ve made the resolutions and set Fat Burn goals for 2019. Now what?

If you’re serious about losing weight for good, it can certainly help to utilize a few good tools. When aiming for a Keto Zone lifestyle, these tools can make the transition easy and successful.

Here are 5 must-have products for your weight loss goals that will make the journey easy.

5 Must-Have Products for Your Fat Burn Goals

A Clear, Simple Keto Zone Book and Guide

Sure, you can spend hours online searching for fat-loss tips and recipes.

But especially if you’re just starting out with Keto Zone eating, it is much easier to use an all-in-one guide.

You’re in luck. There’s one written specifically for a Keto Zone lifestyle: Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Book.

From the beginning, you’ll get clear instruction on how to start a Keto Zone lifestyle. Not just philosophy or research (although it’s science-backed), but a plan.

In fact, there are tips, recipes, and meal planning throughout it.

In addition, the Quick and Healthy Keto Zone Cookbook is now available! And, you can find ample Keto Zone recipes here or at ketozone.com.

Bonus: The Divine Health Keto Zone Starter Kit includes this book and the other must-have products listed below.

MCT Oil Powder

Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCTs, are a special type of saturated fats that are digested easily and provide many health benefits in the body.

In fact, they aide in fat loss and energy production.

When MCT oil is obtained from foods like coconut oil, it is isolated and concentrated for maximum health benefits. And when it’s formed into MCT Oil Powder, it becomes even more powerful, digestible, versatile, and convenient.

MCT Oil Powder is a must have product for your weight loss goals because it:

  • Helps the body burn fat. The most potent fatty acid in MCT oil is concentrated in MCT Oil Powder, and it helps your body burn fat as fuel rather than carbs.
  • Increases ketone production and provides amazing fuel for your brain. In fact, when using the Keto Zone diet, MCT Oil will help the body produce ketones quicker. Ketones can also boost mood.
  • Increases energy. Want more energy while losing fat? MCT Oil Powder is easily digested and used by the energy-powerhouses of the cells as a sustained energy source.

Instant Ketones

When your body burns ketones as fuel rather than sugar, you will lose fat.

So, how do you get it to burn ketones?

Traditionally, you would spend 2-7 days getting your body into ketosis by drastically reducing carbohydrates until the body begins to burn fat and produce them.

The issue with this is it can take many days of low carb eating before you reach nutritional ketosis. During this time you are in limbo, not efficiently burning carbs or Ketones for energy. Many people experience the keto flu: low energy, fatigue, and irritability.

Unfortunately, this short period of limbo can be a deterrent.

Divine Health Instant Ketones can take you from burning carbs to burning ketones in as short as an hour, eliminating the limbo period.

While working toward nutritional ketosis, you will feel energized, mentally clear, strong, and immediately burn fat.

The Keto Zone will help you meet your overall weight and health goals, and Instant Ketones will help get you there quickly (buy them individually or within the Keto Zone Starter Kit).

Ketone Strips

When aiming for the Keto Zone, you may want to know if you’re actually in ketosis or not. An easy and inexpensive way to know is by using Ketone Strips.

When your body is utilizing fat for energy and making ketones, they are detectable in your urine. By simply using a ketone strip, you can find out if ketones are present in mere seconds.

Ketone strips take the guesswork out of Keto Zone eating.

Challenges, Support, and Ongoing Tips

While finding a supportive community is not exactly a “product,” it is invaluable in your weight loss journey.

First, you can find a lot of encouragement, tips, and Keto Zone recipes on this blog.

Next, consider joining the 21-Day Keto Zone Challenge. This challenge is the perfect way to get started, especially if you’re using the other tools listed above.

Each day of the challenge, you’ll receive support and encouragement with blog posts, tips, and recipes.

Bottom Line

Weight loss goals are great, but they can be difficult without the right tools. These 5 must-have products for your weight loss goals will make the journey more successful and enjoyable.

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