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The “No Weight Gain” Holiday Eating Plan!

It may seem futile, difficult, or discouraging to eat healthy during the Holiday Season. But take heart, you CAN enjoy a wonderful Holiday Season and delicious foods without weight gain! We have a “No Weight Gain” Holiday Eating Plan for you today. It’s your guide to easy, healthy eating throughout December while still enjoying delicious festive foods.

You can do it! Here’s how.

The “No Weight Gain” Holiday Eating Plan

How can you enjoy festive foods and not gain weight this Holiday Season? Try these 5 simple tactics with Holiday eating:

1. Avoid the All-You-Can-Eat Mentality

It’s easy to overeat for 30 or more days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. However, this won’t help your health journey, and may sabotage all the hard work you’ve already done throughout the year.

Instead, decide which days you’ll let loose a bit, and then stick with your normal healthy eating plan on the other days.

For example, you may decide you want to really enjoy festive foods and gatherings on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. This accounts for only 3 days or less than 10% of the “season.” On the other days, remain steadfast with healthy eating. Then, enjoy these 3 days without guilt!

2. Avoid Refined Carbs and Stay in the Keto Zone®

Believe it or not, it is possible to eat healthy and stay in the Keto Zone® during the Holiday Season.


First, follow our first tip and eat as normal except for a few festive days (if you’d like).

Then, try swapping out some of the typically sugar-laden holiday foods with Keto healthy versions.

For example, try our:

Bring keto dishes to parties so you know you’ll always have something to enjoy. Lastly, use our next tip to get right back on track when you do stray!

3. Use Smart Tools to Get Back & Stay in Ketosis: Intermittent Fasting, Instant Ketones, & Anti-Bloat Smoothie

We all know it’s easy to fall into unhealthy eating every once in a while. Perhaps, you’ll splurge at a spur-of-the-moment holiday party or get together. It’s okay, we have a plan to get right back on track!

When this happens, do not wallow in unhealthy eating day after day simply because you fell off the wagon. Instead, make the next day count and get back to healthy eating with these tools:

Intermittent Fasting: You can feel healthy and lean in no time with intermittent fasting. The easiest method is to stop eating at 7:00pm  every night, and resume at 11:00 am every morning. During the morning before 11:00, you can have non-carb drinks such as Dr. Colbert’s Keto Coffee with Keto Zone® MCT Oil Powder – Caramel. Intermittent fasting offers many health benefits, encourages healthy weight changes, and promotes ongoing healthy eating (1).

Instant Ketones: If you fall out of ketosis, you can get back into it quicker than you might think. While reducing carbs, add Keto Zone® Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder. These exogenous ketones will help your body begin to use ketones as energy again, help you avoid the keto flu, and promote satiety. Ketones are a great tool to stay healthy during the Holiday Season.

Anti-Bloat Smoothie: You can also use our Keto Zone Anti-Bloat Smoothie (add Keto Zone® Instant Exogenous Ketones Powder for even better results!) to help rid your body of excess fluid retention, while flooding it with nourishing ingredients. This mental shift from overeating to healthy foods can really help you get back on track.

Then, once on track, start back with daily healthy eating using the Keto Zone Diet Book. It’s your one-stop-shop for a healthy, Keto Zone lifestyle!

4. Stay Social and Active

It’s much easier to feel unhealthy, sulk, and go down the spiral of weight gain if you keep to yourself. Instead, stay active and social, as much as possible, in winter months.

For example, maintain an exercise program by enlisting a friend or an accountability partner.

It’s also much easier to stick to healthy eating when others are doing so as well during the Holidays. Find a friend who values healthy eating, too. Enlist others to encourage positive, healthy habits!

5. Keep Track of Holiday Eating & Don’t Quit!

Another great tool for successful Keto Zone eaters is a food journal during Holiday eating.


A food journal helps you acknowledge what you’re eating and how it affects you, rather than losing track. You can use a pen and paper and write down your intake. Or try a food diary App. For even better results, become familiar with the carbohydrate values of foods and keep tabs of total carbohydrates per day as you go.

There’s nothing magic about food diaries, but they do promote healthy weights and compliance to eating plans. In fact, food diaries have shown significant results in fat loss in those who keep a diary versus those who don’t (2). In addition, monitoring your weight is helpful, especially through the Holidays. Some studies have also found that daily weighing, just through the Holidays, helps those looking to stay on track (3).

On the other hand, many people feel like it’s time to relax and sort of “quit” on the year in terms of healthy eating. They choose to wait until the New Year to tackle goals again. If you can manage, decide instead to get a jump start on the year and eat healthy now! Quitting on healthy habits will only serve as a set back once the New Year starts again.

Want more encouragement for healthy Keto Zone eating? Check out these Tips to Stay on Track with Keto Zone from real Keto dieters!

Why Do Some Adults Experience Weight Gain During the Holidays?

Unfortunately, holiday weight gain is a reality for many adults. In fact, most studies show a gain of 1-5 pounds, with a lesser amount among young people, such as those who are college-aged, and more among adults who are already overweight (4, 5).

Why do adults gain weight? And why do overweight adults experience this most? There are many reasons. They may include:

  • Carbohydrate-rich sugary foods are even worse when your body is overweight, and your cells are insulin resistant. For many overweight adults, sweets are a downward spiral of fat storage and insulin resistance. More sweets equal more fat storage, more fat storage equals more insulin resistance, which equals even more fat storage when you eat sweets. See how this could be especially problematic during the Holidays? Of course, Keto Zone removes the sugar.
  • Our bodies fight for homeostasis. When you make changes to an overweight body, unless drastic such as Keto Zone, it will fight to resist weight loss and maintain its mass. In fact, studies show that even if you’ve worked hard all year and achieved some weight loss, various neuroendocrine, metabolic, and behavioral mechanisms are set in motion to counteract it (6, 7). Unless, you’ve used a method that completely changes the way your body produces energy and metabolizes food, as with Keto Zone.
  • Frustration can easily set in when you don’t see results. If overweight, and barely seeing the scale move, it can be especially tough to stick to a plan during the Holidays, when seemingly everyone else can eat what they want. Thankfully, the Keto Zone lifestyle produces results effectively and efficiently.
  • The holiday season is hallmarked by food traditions. It can be especially tough for anyone who grew up with traditions and celebrations that center on eating. Foods are certainly a great part of celebrations, but you can take steps to take the focus off eating and increase activities together.

Bottom Line

It’s a wonderful time of year, full of wonderful foods. With the Keto Zone, you don’t have to miss out! In fact, you can enjoy delicious keto foods, Holidays feasts, and wonderful times with family and friends. Stay on track through the end of this year with our “No Weight Gain” Holiday Plan!


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