Divine Health’s best-selling supplement, Green Supremefood, has it. The greens we tell our children and grandchildren to eat, all those greens have it. All these different greens have incredible health benefits because of it — and “it,” this magical ingredient, is chlorophyll.sticker_green_is_good

In fact, three of the best sources of chlorophyl — chlorella, spirulina and wheat grass — are three of the key ingredients in Green Supremefood.

Chlorella is a micro-algae and is believed to contain the highest possible levels of chlorophyll. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it contains chlorella growth factor (CGF), which boosts your immune system and offers other health benefits, such as nerve tissue repair. It has also been proven to be excellent for treating degenerative brain and nerve disorders, and it has the ability to remove (detoxify) heavy metals from your body.

Spirulina is another micro-algae with high levels of chlorophyll. This micro-algae also contains a complete protein and all the essential fatty acids that you need, which makes it a great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans. Plus, it is an excellent source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is a “good fat” and is necessary for proper brain and heart function. Spirulina also contains phycocyanin, a potent phytochemical.

Wheatgrass is another substantial source of chlorophyll and many other beneficial vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, which is why you will always find wheatgrass at health food stores and juice bars.

So, if you have yet to heed the age-old advice to “eat your greens,” or your everyday meals do not contain sufficient amounts of greens (organically grown leafy green vegetables such as spinach, parsley, garden cress, green beans and arugula), you should definitely consider the many benefits of “getting your greens” from a reputable supplement, such as Divine Health’s Green Supremefood.



  1. Is it ok to drink Green Supreme Food in hot water?

  2. Ruth Colon says:

    Hi would like some information on what to take for fibromayagia.

  3. Carolyn Booher says:

    My only son now living in Columbus Ohio, has been in a battle with cancer for 2 years. It was first misdiagnosed colon cancer, he had surgery and it was stage 3 with 17 lymph nodes involved, but the surgery went well and he did 6 months of chemo. A CT was done at the end of that time and spots showed up on the liver. We were shocked, but he went to the James center at Ohio State University and was put on another chemo regiment (basically the same thing). We got into organics, juicing, no read meats, reverse osmosis water system and everything as healthy as we could. My son is now 35 and has always been healthy looking and exercised. He never missed work except for the surgery and used his days off for chemo every two weeks. He was nauseated very little and never lost his hair. We are people with a strong faith and we consider this an answer to prayers prayed over him at every treatment. We continued fighting this liver cancer for the last year and a half. The tumors would shrink some then grow but we could never get the oncologist to do surgery, finally the tumors in the liver were the size of a baseball and softball. His oncologist in Columbus would not do surgery he thought it was not possible. I contacted a surgeon in Pittsburg at UPMC and within a month he had 60% of his liver resected on January 29th of this year, he told us he had done thousands of these surgerys. My son was in great heath otherwise the entire time, recovered in record time and was back to work in 4 weeks. The surgeon said his liver was remarkably normal with no evidence of fatty liver disease from 2 years of chemo (we feel this was a blessing from God). We went to the Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA) for an opinion for follow up treatment and they found 3 new spots on the new liver. We could not believe it. He has great energy and is still the picture of health but we cannot figure out why his immune system is not kicking in and stopping these cells. He takes many natural supplements that are recommended and some of them are from CTCA they are into holistic as well as traditional treatments. He has been on a chemo pill for a few weeks and is about to go back to CTCA for some specialized radiation treatment on the liver this coming Tuesday June 4th. This is his first radiation. I have also been watching Dr. Becker’s (in Houston) program on the Christian channel and they had a guest who is a dentist/chemist individual on the program. He was talking about the problems with the kind of fillings in the teeth are poisoning the body. His name is Dr. Hal Huggins. Is there anything you could suggest that might benefit my son. I am a registered nurse and have never stopped praying or trying to help my son through this battle. I feel that the Lord is in control but we have also found that you cannot listen to just one doctor you must find things out for yourself most of the time. Is there anyone in Columbus that you can suggest that knows your findings or do you have any information that might help us. My name is Carolyn Booher and my son is Shawn Underwood, he has a wife and two young girls.

  4. Angela Brown says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    I read your post and felt i wanted to share that i am praying for you, your son and his family…..

  5. Cathy Daigrepont says:

    Carolyn – I am praying for yourson. God is a very present help in trouble. I findPsalm 103:3-5 strengthens me. I also watch Dr. Becker. Knowledge is power when it comes to our bodies. God is our healer and the Great Physician above al.. I will be praying for your son. Blessings Cathy Daigrepont

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