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Progesterone: The Hormone That Makes a Woman a Woman

Listen as Dr. Don Colbert and his wife Mary reveal how essential the hormone of progesterone is in the female body. Learn the...More »

What You Need to Know About Estrogen

Listen to learn there are three types of estrogen. Learn how this hormone affects your body’s immune system and the ways it works...More »

Adrenal Gland: The Key Stress Hormone

What is the adrenal gland and how does it affect your body when stressed? From his book, “The Hormone Zone,” Dr....More »

Yes, Women Need Testosterone

Grab your pen and paper to take notes as Dr. Don and Mary Colbert discuss the importance of testosterone levels for women. Listen...More »

How Testosterone Empowers a Man’s Health

Listen as Dr. Don Colbert shares the importance of testosterone in men, while co-host Mary Colbert asks the questions women will want to...More »

The Thyroid Zone

Learn how to support your thyroid health from top to bottom. You will discover it’s essential not just for women, but for men...More »