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Stress Less Part 2: Get in God’s Rhythm

Consistent stress can kill you but belly laughter will make you stronger! Listen and learn as Dr. Don and Mary Colbert shares facts...More »

Stress Less Part 1: What Causes Stress

In this episode, Dr. Don and Mary Colbert start their new series on stress. Find out what the three key stages of stress...More »

Gut Zone Power Tools

Listen as Dr. Don Colbert, along with co-host Mary Colbert, share the 5 Gut Power Tools for healing your gut from Dr. Colbert’s...More »

Don’t Be To Clean: Common Gut Disease

Listen as Dr. Colbert explains why “being too clean” can be bad for your body along with his wife Mary Colbert. 

...More »

Antibiotics Kill the Good Bacteria in Your Gut

Listen as Mary Colbert shares with you her story of struggles with inflammation, antibiotics, and sugar. You will learn how antibiotics kill the...More »

Restore Your Gut With the Right Foods

Take control of health starting with the foods you eat for you gut. Listen as Dr. Don Colbert and his wife, Mary, share...More »

Leaky Gut: What Is It and How it Affects Your Overall Health

Dr. Don Colbert and his wife, Mary, share how restoring your gut is the key to restoring your health. Listen in as they...More »

Progesterone: The Hormone That Makes a Woman a Woman

Listen as Dr. Don Colbert and his wife Mary reveal how essential the hormone of progesterone is in the female body. Learn the...More »

What You Need to Know About Estrogen

Listen to learn there are three types of estrogen. Learn how this hormone affects your body’s immune system and the ways it works...More »

Adrenal Gland: The Key Stress Hormone

What is the adrenal gland and how does it affect your body when stressed? From his book, “The Hormone Zone,” More »