Keto Zone Can Boost Immune System
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Can the Keto Zone Diet Support My Immune System?

Want to support your immune system? The Keto Zone diet is a potent and effective immune system support.

In fact, it supports the immune system through both its healthy nutrients and outcomes. Here’s how the Keto Zone diet supports the immune system so it can better fight viruses, bacteria, and infections.

How the Keto Zone Diet Supports the Immune System

The Keto Zone Diet Reduces Insulin and Blood Glucose Levels by Reducing Sugars and Carbohydrates

One of the greatest advantages the Keto Zone diet provides for your immune system is the reduction in blood glucose. Keto Zone dieters only eat 25 grams of net carbs or less each day. This means they experience healthy blood glucose levels and less diabetes.

In fact, most Keto eaters successfully reduce high Hemoglobin A1C, a marker for the average blood glucose level, within months to healthy levels (1).

In addition, since Keto dieters typically lose weight from the beginning of adhering to the diet, they improve overall health and immunity immediately.

Here’s are 6 Ways the Keto Zone diet specifically affects the immune system to reduce infection and improve health.

1. High Blood Glucose and Infection

High blood sugars have a direct impact on the immune system by increasing the risk of infection, bodily inflammation, and disease.

In fact, when ICU patients are studied, it’s been found that those with high blood glucose levels experienced a more serious degree of disease and higher incidence of respiratory infection than those with low blood glucose levels (2). This is confirmed in study after study.

Fortunately, the Keto Zone diet supports normalized blood glucose.

2. Diabetes, Blood Glucose, and Infection

For those who already have established Diabetes, glucose control becomes even more important.

For example, another study of ICU patients found that increased insulin administration due to high blood glucose was positively associated with death (3).

And, diabetes is a know comorbidity condition for many respiratory diseases.


While the exact reason for the relationship between pulmonary diseases and diabetes mellitus is not clear, the increased blood glucose and infection effect may be a reason (4).

The Keto Zone diet promotes healthy blood sugars and a reduced incidence of diabetes.

3. Obesity, Infection, and Immune Systems

The Keto Zone diet is also a potent obesity fighter.

Why does this matter for immune systems?

During the H1N1 influenza infection pandemic, a link was found between obesity and poor outcomes.  Obesity is also a known risk for surgery infections, mouth and skin infections, and the severity of pancreatitis infections. Weight loss to combat obesity may reduce infections and severity (5).

The Keto Zone diet promotes fat loss from the time it is initiated.

4. Healthy Fats and Infection

Next, the Keto Zone diet relies on healthy fats as its basis for calories and substances.

This is great news for fighting infection and boosting your immune system.

Olive oil, for example, supports the immune system by reducing inflammation (6), inhibiting inflammatory genes (7), and fighting bacteria, including H. pylori (8).

Fish oil reduces inflammation to boost immunity.  Avocado oil, coconut oil, and MCT oil powder also promote immune function and whole-body health.

5. Gut Health and Infection

The Keto Zone diet also promotes healthy bacteria in the gut by eliminating modern gluten and utilizing probiotics. Probiotics are found in specific hydrolyzed collagen (collagen also boosts immune systems), fermented fruit and vegetable powders, and “living” foods.

What’s more, gut cells thrive due to fibers such as those in fiber powders.

When healthy bacteria thrive, the immune system improves (9).

6. Diets High in Anti-Inflammatories and Antioxidants and Infection

Last but not least, the Keto Zone diet promotes spices and vegetables that are high in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. These include turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, avocados, greens, and more.

Inflammation significantly affects the immune system. Anti-inflammatory foods fight inflammation (10) and boost immune response (11).

Bottom Line

The Keto Zone diet undoubtedly supports the immune system to better fight viruses, bacteria, and infection. It can help reduce blood sugars and the overuse of insulin, and the incidence of diabetes and obesity. In addition, its use of healthy fats, nutrients that promote gut health such as probiotics and fibers, and anti-inflammatory and antioxidants foods bolster the immune system and whole-body health.


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