7 Healthy Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with Keto Zone

You likely already know that many people gain weight over the Holiday Season. But, did you know that those who are already overweight, tend to gain the most? And, that typically, they are not able to lose what they gain, so it piles on year after year (1)?

And what seems most frustrating, is often people have worked really hard on healthy habits for about 10.5 months. But, rather than finishing strong, they may quit on it as the holidays roll around due to extra temptations. Then, they may just put off any further attempts until the new year.

This may seem dismal, but it’s certainly not your destiny.

Here are likely reasons why people gain weight, and how you can avoid holiday weight gain, or even better, continue on your healthy path with weight loss through the end of the year.

Reasons for Holiday Weight Gain in Overweight Adults

Of course, there are many reasons adults gain weight during the Holidays. Most studies show a gain of 1-5 pounds, with a lesser amount among young people, such as those who are college-aged (1).

Most adults gain weight because they eat more food, richer foods, more sweets, and more convenience foods than usual. In addition, they may be more sedentary due to busy schedules and winter temperatures.

But why might overweight adults gain more? The reasons include:

  • Carbohydrate-rich sugary foods are even worse when your body is overweight, and your cells are insulin resistant. For many overweight adults, sweets are a downward spiral of fat storage and insulin resistance. More sweets equal more fat storage, more fat storage equals more insulin resistance, which equals more fat storage when you eat sweets. See how this could be especially problematic during the Holidays? Of course, Keto Zone removes the sugar.
  • Our bodies fight for homeostasis. When you make changes to an overweight body, unless drastic such as Keto Zone, it will fight to resist weight loss and maintain its mass. In fact, studies show that even if you’ve worked hard all year and achieved some weight loss, various neuroendocrine, metabolic, and behavioral mechanisms are set in motion to counteract it (). Unless, you’ve used a method that completely changes the way your body produces energy and metabolizes food, as with Keto Zone.
  • Frustration can easily set in when you don’t see results. If overweight, and barely seeing the scale move, it can be especially tough to stick to a plan during the Holidays, when seemingly everyone else can eat what they want. Thankfully, the Keto Zone lifestyle produces results effectively and efficiently.
  • The holiday season is hallmarked by food traditions. It can be especially tough for anyone who grew up or is accustomed to the celebrations centering on overeating and foods.

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with Keto Zone this Year

So, how can you avoid holiday weight gain this year? Here are 7 tips:

1. Enter the Keto Zone

Simply put, there is no better way to avoid holiday weight gain than to follow the Keto Zone diet and no better way to start than with the Keto Zone Diet Book. You’ll omit all the carbs that cause most of the issues. As you do so, you will also lose weight, rather quickly, which will inspire you to stick with it. You will feel full and satisfied.

The biggest hurdles here will be at parties and get-togethers. You can follow these restaurant tips to stay on track: Healthy Keto Zone Eating at Holiday Parties and Restaurants.

2. Keep a Food Diary

Along with, and to help you stay in the Keto Zone, keep a food diary from now until the end of the year. You can use a pen and paper and write down your intake. For even better results, become familiar with the carbohydrate values of foods and keep tabs of total carbohydrates per day as you go.

Or, use one of the many food diaries online programs or apps.

There’s nothing magic about food diaries, but they are a very useful tool. They will help you take ownership of what you eat, provide self-accountability, and allow you to make needed adjustments based on the numbers. And last but not least, studies show they work. You will stay on track, and lose weight, with a food diary.

3. Use Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a great method year-round, but especially useful during the Holidays.


It doesn’t affect your time with others much, and it eliminates a meal each day. This means automatical carbohydrate and calorie savings.

One easy IF method is to stop eating at 7:00 every night, and resume at 11:00 am every morning. During the morning before 11:00, you can have non-carb drinks such as coffee, coffee with MCT Oil Powder and Hydrolyzed Collagen, tea, or stevia-based drinks.

Then eat a Keto Zone lunch, 1-2 Keto Zone snacks such as a fat bomb, and a Keto Zone dinner.

4. Avoid the Obvious Sugary Foods and Make Your Own

For all the day between the actual Holiday days, eat as normal.

These are not “over-eating” days. December 7th, 10th, 19th, and others are not Holidays. If you keep these days to your normal eating habits, you can splurge a bit on the actual holidays without much concern.

During these non-holiday days, be determined to avoid the obvious sugar foods. Simply stay away from:

  • Office cookies and cakes
  • Cookie exchanges (unless you’re giving yours away)t
  • Desserts at the end of meals (drink coffee or tea instead)
  • Sugary drinks like punch, cocktails, and sodas

Or, if you can, make your own Keto Zone options. There are many delicious options within our Keto Zone recipes and The Quick & Healthy Keto Zone Cookbook.

5. Don’t Quit: Set End-of-Year Goals

It’s much easier to set New Year’s goals than end-of-year; however, this is one of the reasons many gain weight during the Holidays and continue the cycle of never losing it for good.

Don’t look at these darker, colder, end-of-year days as negligible. Look at them as an opportunity.

How much healthier can you be by December 31, 2019? Can you lose 1, 2, or even 5 pounds? Can you establish habits that include intermittent fasting, low-carb eating, and exercise?

Take a few minutes now to set habit-based goals for now through the end of the year.

6. Get Outside and Be Active

Sedentary lifestyles and overeating often go together. In fact, when you feel frumpy and sedentary, it’s easy to give up and overeat.

But, when you feel strong, lean, and active, it can inspire you to keep up healthy eating, too.

Plus, it’s great for your mental health, especially during the winter.

7. Enlist a Friend

It can be tough to feel like you’re the only one sticking to healthy eating and goals during the Holidays. If you’re able, enlist a positive friend to do it with you.

If you don’t have one in-person, there are many online forums for other Keto Zone dieters. Look on any social media and you’ll find inspiration for keto!

Bottom Line

While it’s not easy, you can avoid holiday weight gain with Keto Zone this year. You can overcome negative emotions, habits, and traditions that cause you to gain weight and feel unhealthy after months of hard work. Keto Zone is here to help. Make this last month of 2019 count!


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