4 Awful Energy Draining Food Habits

Energy is essential to survive our hectic lifestyles and enjoy them too. But, the bitter fact is that most of us have just enough energy to get through the day. Catering to the many needs of fulfilling various duties during the day, you are left with absolutely no energy to look after your children, have fun with your family, and devote time to your favorite hobbies.

Working women are highly affected because they are required to balance their work, home, and family. When inquired as to how they cope with their daily routine, most working women answered that they feel as they are left with only one-third of the energy to manage their duties. The lack of energy and all day fatigue has even caused them to lose the zeal to live life to the fullest. According to them, they are doing all the things perfectly such as eating a healthy diet containing whole foods; consuming sufficient fluids and water to stay hydrated; and sleeping adequately to remain energetic, but something is still lacking. On further investigation, it was found that they are habitually choosing the wrong foods and those culprit foods were draining their overall energy.

If you also feel that you do not remain energetic the whole day in spite of paying attention to your diet, then you must be eating energy-sapping foods. Below are listed some of the common mistakes people commit regarding their food habits:

  1. Binging on Too Many Carbohydrates and Avoiding Proteins

The obsession with eating excessive carbs is slowly and gradually dying among healthy and sensible eaters. Though you are strictly avoiding starch carbs such as potatoes and breads, you are still missing out on something that you should not include overly in your diet. Eating fruits and vegetables is great for your health, but taking them solely for breakfast or lunch is doing you more harm than good.

You may not realize, but your body needs protein for conserving energy and preventing blood sugar crashes that often occur from consuming excessive carbohydrates. Yes, here we are talking about fruits and vegetables, and they are carbohydrates. Experts advise people to include a healthy protein shake with their breakfast for controlling blood sugar levels all day long and for keeping their energy intact.

A healthier way to start your day is by taking a gluten, soy, and dairy free protein shake along with a high quality protein powder, which should be preferably prepared from pea protein, chia, or rice. In case you don’t like protein shakes, you may consider taking two egg whites, some turkey sausages or another food rich in protein (at least 20 grams) before leaving your home in the morning.

The breakfast of a typical American involves muffins, bagels, and croissants; these usually drain their energy and cause them to snack more after a few hours. These extra snacks do the same- ‘sap your energy!’

  1. You Are Not Eating Frequently

People who skip meals and remain without food for several hours usually put their body at stress. During your hectic day, it is not a choice but a necessity to have a hearty breakfast or healthy lunch to keep you energetic.

When individuals do not eat every three to four hours, their blood sugar level declines, which in turn is considered a crisis by your body and it slows down its working. In order to maintain your blood sugar level, your body triggers your adrenal glands to secrete more amounts of cortisol that work to increase your blood sugar. It is natural to feel drained out, fatigued, and exhausted when your body uses cortisol reserve to manage your blood sugar level. So, don’t mess up with your body. Ensure to include healthy meals at least three times and snacks two times a day to keep your energy at peak for the entire day.

  1. Having No Allergies Does Not Guarantee that All Foods Are Good For You

Even if you are not dealing with celiac disease (allergies to certain foods such as gluten) you can still have a negative response to some types of foods. This is because food allergies are different from food sensitivities. If your lips don’t plump after eating certain foods or you are found to be free of allergies, this does not mean that every food you eat is safe for consumption.

You will experience gas, abdominal pain, or bloating after some time of consuming foods you are sensitive to. Other reactions that you may suffer from are joint pain, skin disorders such as acne, stubborn weight, and fatigue. All of these symptoms may not appear immediately, but slowly, which leaves you with no clue why you feel dreadful and low in energy most of the time.

Dairy and gluten are two of the most common food products that cause food sensitivities. Gluten sensitivity is very common these days and causes various symptoms such as migraine headaches, bloating, and brain fog. It may even stimulate the onset of autoimmune diseases in a few rare cases.

Dairy can also cause most of these symptoms along with the drop in your energy level. You need to remember that in spite of avoiding the consumption of milk or yogurt, you may still consume them in various other forms. For instance, dairy-based additives such as casein and whey snuck are contained in food products like canned chicken broth, chip dip, and thickened soups and sauces. To ensure that you are not suffering from gluten and dairy sensitivities, try eliminating gluten and dairy foods for a week and notice how you feel.

  1. You Think Sugar Only Makes You Fat

We are all aware of the fact that sugar is deposited in the body as fat. This is why when one plans to lose weight, he avoids sugary foods. Well, statistics indicate that the average American consumes at least twenty five teaspoons of sugar every day ‘unknowingly.’ You may be amazed to learn, but sugar is present in almost every type of food such as salad dressing, granola bars, ketchup, as well as hamburger buns. Moreover, lots of organic foods are bursting with various kinds of sugar like dates, molasses, and honey.

Sugar in any form is not healthy for your body since it causes your blood sugar to spike and crash, which in turns leads to a quick decline in your energy level. It also stimulates your probability of becoming diabetic or insulin resistant in the long run. Ensure to go through the ingredient label carefully before purchasing any food product. If the amount of sugar is more than six grams, ditch that product. It is important to note that when you are tempted to eat anything sugary, it means that you are low in blood sugar. In such cases, it is recommended having an apple along with some almonds or almond butter.

Eating the right kinds of foods at the recommended times can drastically change the way you feel while helping you easily deal with the challenges that each day stores for you. If you are ready to change some of your old eating habits, then you can feel more concentrated and energetic than ever before.

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