3 Foods that Clean and Protect the Liver

The liver is responsible for your body’s filtering process along with the kidneys. The liver is made to process alcohol and drugs from our system, create blood proteins, help regulate our blood sugar, and create bile and other enzymes needed.

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Due to the tremendous amount of toxins and preservatives found in today’s food, the liver is harder at work than ever. Eating these three top foods can help keep your liver functioning as it should and begin to cleanse it from toxin overload.

Seeds from an Avocado

While the avocado flesh has plenty of superfood qualities such as hormone regulating sterols, the seeds have a massive liver-protecting quality to them. Most people do not even know you can eat the seed of an avocado, but those that do can boast a stimulated liver that, in studies, showed to eliminate a rat’s bilirubin. One of the best ways to eat an avocado seed is to grind it into a powder and sprinkling it on your food or encapsulating it and taking it that way for its liver boosting properties.


Another wonderful food for the liver is garlic, which is packed with allicin that helps in liver health. In a 2014 study, garlic’s compound of diallyl disulfide helped mice be protected from fatty liver disease. The compound regulated fat metabolism, a big boost to the liver’s flushing properties. To eat garlic, take whole cloves and crush or chop them before adding them to your nightly meal. Crushing and chopping helps activate the allicin so that it is ready to fight toxins in the liver.

Green Leafy Vegetables

These include spinach, mustard greens, any green leafy vegetable which are great sources of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a natural plant pigment that stimulates detoxification in the liver. A study in 2014 showed that Malabar spinach extracts helped albino rats that were suffering from a toxic liver. Eating green leafy vegetables is as easy as throwing together a salad, steaming the greens as a side dish to dinner, or juicing them for a nightly drink.

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