Not all people desiring to have a toned body can invest in expensive low-calorie foods. Fortunately, there are foods that are affordable and super effective for losing that excess fat on your body.  Read below to learn about eight affordable low-calorie foods that you can include in your weight loss meals:


  1. Brown rice: Brown rice is rich in fiber, which makes it a super food for losing weight. You can easily buy an ounce of high-quality brown rice for less than $2.
  2. Broccoli: Broccoli is full of vitamins and nutrients needed for growing children. It is also the perfect food for people on a diet. The best thing about this food is that you can buy it from a fresh market at a very low price.
  3. Spinach: Fresh spinach leaves are rich in nutrients including fiber, vitamins, proteins and zinc. A cup of spinach per day is a great way to fill yourself with necessary nutrients. The low cost of spinach makes it the first choice for many health enthusiasts.
  4. Apples: An apple a day keeps the doctor and your fat away, and that too without spending a great amount. Apples contain an abundance of fiber and phytochemicals that are needed for the healthy growth of the body. It keeps you full and provides energy while helping you to reduce cholesterol levels. Antioxidants contained in apples have been known to prevent the deposition of fat in your belly.
  5. Lentils: Lentils have always been the number one choice among weight loss enthusiasts. They are high in protein and fiber while low in sodium and fat. Eating lentils helps prevent insulin spikes that stimulate your body to create more fat. Including lentils in your everyday meals is a frugal way to lose weight.
  6. Raisins: Full of antioxidants, raisins work to keep your digestive system healthy. Raisins are also a good source of insulin, which is a fiber-like carbohydrate that supports the growth of good bacteria. Consuming a handful of raisins each day will ensure that your body obtains energy and deposits less fat. A single serving of raisins will only cost about thirty cents.
  7. Prunes: Prunes not only help you to lose weight, they also work to slow down the effects of aging and maintain your blood pressure. Since they are rich in fiber and lots of potassium, prunes keep you full for a long time. Easily affordable for less than a dollar, you can add them to your daily diet.
  8. Greek yogurt: Low-fat Greek yogurt is a great choice for people looking to have a flat belly since it is full of protein and helps you feel full. You can treat yourself by combining yogurt with your favorite fruits and granola. A small container of Greek yogurt is easily available for less than a dollar.

The healthy way to achieve a flat belly and a toned body is through healthy, low-calorie foods and plenty of exercise. Now that you know about foods that you can easily afford, incorporate a few of them into your meals. Not only will they keep you feeling fuller for hours, they will also boost your metabolism and keep you energetic.

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