Astaxanthin is a phytochemical found mainly in microalgae, krill, shrimp, salmon, trout, yeast, and crayfish. The pinkish to orange coloring of shrimps, crab, flamingoes. and salmon is caused by the presence of astaxanthin.

This Potent Antioxidant Neutralizes Harmful Free Radicals

Astaxanthin is not only responsible for imparting pink color to salmon, but it is also a potent antioxidant. It is ten times stronger than beta-carotene and works amazingly well to neutralize the damaging effects of harmful free radicals.

What Are The Benefits Of Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is considered a ‘super antioxidant’ and has been shown to provide immense benefits for human health.  A few of the amazing benefits of astaxanthin are listed below:

  • For Alzheimer ’s Disease: Most diseases associated with the brain are the result of oxidation and inflammation. The superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of astaxanthin makes it effective for the treatment of brain health. Astaxanthin is a fat-soluble nutrient that easily crosses your blood-brain barrier and helps to prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s caused due to oxidative damage.


  • Relieves Pain And Inflammation: Astaxanthin is a powerful pain reliever and anti-inflammatory molecule that blocks various pain-causing chemicals in your body. It can effectively slow down inflammation and destroy your body’s prostaglandins without resulting in any side effects. Furthermore, astaxanthin eradicates the inflammatory compounds, which causes numerous chronic diseases. Individuals dealing with arthritis have also benefited from this super nutrient.


  • Supports Eye Health: Studies indicate that astaxanthin helps to cure eye strain, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Additionally, astaxanthin improves your eyesight as well.  Astaxanthin has the amazing ability to reach the eye retina and impart its antioxidant properties.


  • Reduces Your Risk Of Heart Disease: One of the main causes of cardiovascular disease is inflammation, which can be drastically reduced by astaxanthin since it is a strong anti-inflammatory nutrient. Reduction of inflammation helps to reduce your chances of developing heart ailments because your blood continues to flow normally throughout your body without getting stuck in partially blocked arteries.


  • Prevents Premature Aging: Oxidative stress produces large quantities of free radicals that cause tissue aging and cell death. This nutrient promotes oxygen flow through your body so you have optimal cell health. The effectiveness of astaxanthin in decreasing oxidative stress is much higher than that of vitamin E.


This potency of astaxanthin helps to preserve cellular health and prevent premature aging. The anti-inflammatory property of astaxanthin protects your skin from sunburn, which is an inflammatory response to skin damage.


  • Fights Cancer: There is evidence suggesting that astaxanthin can inhibit the growth of malignant tumors and tumors in external grafts. It is important to note that gap junctions between cells help communication among adjacent cells, including the messages about cell growth. The formation of cancerous cells inhibits this gap junctional communication and promotes carcinogenesis. Studies indicate that astaxanthin works as a cancer-combating compound since its exposure improves gap-junction communication.


  • Increases Male Fertility: Astaxanthin is a promising drug for men dealing with fertility issues. It has been found that astaxanthin improves the quality, rather than quantity, of sperm and increases the chances of conception.


  • Prevents Diabetes: Diabetes is associated with oxidative stress brought on by consistent high blood sugar levels. The powerful antioxidant activity of astaxanthin decreases the oxidative stress on the kidneys and prevents renal cell damage in addition to stabilizing your glucose levels.

Astaxanthin is undoubtedly one of the super nutrients available to us. In order to reap its maximum benefits, ensure to take the natural version and not the synthetic one.


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