So, after a long freezing winter, spring has finally arrived. But, many people are not happy with this change because of the allergies that spring brings with it. If you are an allergy sufferer, consider these natural remedies to get rid of them.

Dr. Susanne Bennett, a natural allergy specialist, has authored a book, “The 7-Day Allergy Makeover.” In this book, she has elucidated the root causes of allergies and ways to control the symptoms. According to Dr. Bennett, medicine only masks the symptoms, but does nothing to treat the underlying root cause. To make your life allergy-free, she has devised a seven-day holistic treatment.

Day One: Eating The Right Foods

The first step in rejuvenating your health is to avoid eating allergenic foods and fluid. Many people are allergic to gluten, sugar, peanuts, eggs, alcohol, fungal foods and dairy. What you consume directly affects your body. Your immune system and your colon are easily affected by the foods that you eat. Bennett recommends healing your gut by eating healthily and avoiding foods that are allergenic.

Day Two: Drink Adequate Amounts Of Water

Water helps to break down and eliminate the harmful allergens from your body. If your body is thoroughly hydrated, you will suffer from fewer allergies. However, make sure to drink pure and clean water. Research indicates that the drinking water in the United States is contaminated and contains numerous chemicals. Although the concerned agencies do monitor the amounts of contaminants in water, some people are still affected because they are more sensitive to water contaminants. Bennett suggested using a reverse osmosis filtration unit to filter your water. The filtered water is purified and free of toxins, minerals, heavy metals and debris.

Day Three: Atmosphere

Dr. Bennett recommends shutting your doors and windows when it is windy and foggy outside. She also suggests using an air filter inside your home. Indoor air contains lots of toxins. An air purifier works to remove pollens and dust mites that may aggravate your allergies. HEPA or high energy particulate air filtration purifiers are the best. She also insists on avoiding the use of plastics and synthetics as they can worsen your allergies.

Day Four: Cleanliness

You can eliminate air-borne allergens from your home by keeping it clean. Put dust mite covers on your bed and pillows. Also, try eliminating allergens like molds from old books, dust from windows and pet dander from your home. Dust your home regularly and use natural cleaners.

Day Five: Kitchen

Your kitchen has many types of allergens that can worsen your allergies. You may not realize it, but your pots and pans may not be as healthy for cooking food as you think. Only use kitchenware made of cast iron, glass or enamel. This is because non-stick pans can release harmful chemicals if they are scratched. Plastic containers can leach chemicals into your food, especially if foods are stored and heated in them.

Day Six: Keep Yourself Clean

Your skin is another medium where millions of allergens grow. Wash your body thoroughly with a probiotic soap to exfoliate the dead skin cells. Also, make sure you eat foods that boost your immunity in order to fight allergens. Dr. Bennett also suggests having a bath just before going to bed to rid your body of dirt, smog and pollen.

Day Seven: Practice Being Calm

Compared to an emotionally healthy body, a stressed body is more prone to allergies. People who are allergic are often more overwhelmed and agitated. Thus, it is important to calm down and build up your emotional well-being. Incorporate calming tips such as deep breathing and connecting with nature in your lifestyle. To keep yourself stress-free, Dr. Bennett also suggests forming a daily to-do list to remain occupied.

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