7 Red Flag Signs You Need a Body Cleanse/Detox

Your body is an amazing system. It was designed to thrive and protect you from disease. Unfortunately, modern factors like unhealthy habits, chronic stress, and toxins in our food and air can bog down your natural detox system.

Following a body cleanse (detox) diet can help you reset and support your body in fighting for you. Sometimes it can be hard to know when the time is right, so here are some key signs you need to detox as soon as possible.

Watch Out for These Signs You Need to Detox

Anyone can benefit from a body cleanse, but these signs are especially big red flags.

1. You’ve Been Gaining Weight Gain and Can’t Stop or Lose It

You might notice it’s been harder to lose weight or keep it off. Maybe you have uncontrollable food cravings that make it hard to eat healthy or lose weight.

So many foods today are full of chemicals, preservatives, sugars, toxic oils, and other processed junk. This chemical load on the body can cause it to hold onto weight longer—even if you’ve been eating “clean” sometimes.

Detoxing with a body cleanse diet can help remove the toxic load, release water retention, and prepare your body for quick weight loss and long-term fat-burning.

2. You Experience Brain Fog or Poor Cognition

Trouble concentrating or remembering important details? Maybe your brain feels like it’s in a fog more than usual or you can’t focus on the things you want/need to.

A body cleanse that replaces any junk in your diet with whole foods nutrition can help you clear out the fog. Your body and mind are all one system, and detoxification help bring back the mental clarity and productivity you’ve been lacking.

3. Your Digestion is Poor and Out of Sync

Gas, constipation, bloating, and even acid reflux are all signs of indigestion. Often it can mean your gut bacteria is out of whack and needs nourishment.

The health of your gut is tied to your immunity. So when the immune system is compromised, it’s hard to withstand the daily attack of viruses, pesticides, herbicides, and free radicals in our environment. This is why getting sick often is another sign you need to detox for your gut’s sake.

A whole foods cleanse can help build your immune system back up get you back on track.

4. You Have Unusually Low Energy or Excess Fatigue

Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning or exercising? Maybe you feel overly irritable or cranky. These are signs your system may need a reset.

A cleanse diet can help restore you back to the energetic, youthful state we all experience in our younger years.

5. You’re Going Through (or Have Gone Through) a Stressful Season of Life

Stress can take a tremendous toll on your health, weight, and emotional state. And when your body isn’t in the healthiest condition, it’s not prepared to handle the stress life throws at you.

The combination of stress and poor health is a fantastic sign you could benefit from a detox.

By cutting out toxins and stimulants (like sugars, preservatives, caffeine, and alcohol) and following a cleanse diet, you can reduce the physical stress on your body. And in turn, that makes any emotionally taxing events easier to work through.

6. You Toss and Turn or Feel Wired at Night

Stress also makes sleep hard for many of us. And trouble sleeping is a sign something needs addressing.

A detox can remove physical factors that may be interfering with a good night’s sleep.

7. You’re Feeling Spiritually Stagnant or Alone

A cleanse diet can not only cleanse your physical body, it can provide a spiritual “cleanse” when you’re seeking a breakthrough or deeper connection with God.

In the Bible, we’re often called to detox our:

  • Hearts and minds: Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; Try my mind and my heart [Psalm 26:2].
  • Daily actions: Depart from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it [Psalm 34:14].
  • Words: Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer [Psalm 19:14].
  • Even our eyes: Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way [Psalm 119:37].

A detoxification diet can work in the same way, removing temptation through foods that would otherwise interfere with your holy walk. The 21-Day Divine Health Detox is set up just for this.

How to Start the Best Body Cleanse Today

Although these are the biggest reasons, other signs it’s time to cleanse might include:

  • Acne, skin rashes, puffy eyes, or other skin problems
  • Joint pain or muscle aches
  • Sinus congestion or headaches
  • Mood swings or irritability with small things

Our bodies need time to reset, rejuvenate, and restore. If you’ve been feeling like you need a reset button on your health or mental state, a body cleanse regime can bring you a sense of renewal.

This is exactly why I created a 100% natural body cleanse: the 21 Day Detox diet. For three weeks, you’ll reset and cleanse your system with clean, whole foods and none of the junk.

You’ll get instant access to tons of tools, including videos with Dr. Colbert, recipes, and a shopping list. It’s completely free to sign up! Learn more here.

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