When someone talks about ‘kid’s food’ we often relate it to grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, French fries, chicken fingers, and so on. These foods are filled with the goodness of nutrition when they are prepared from high-quality and nutritious ingredients. However, when they are prepared from low-quality and canned ingredients these foods could be missing out on some vital essential nutrients.

Growing children require more nutrition and healthy fats than adults for the development of their bodies and brains. Usually, people consider ‘kid foods’ as those that can be quickly and easily prepared. However, it is essential  that parents prioritize nutrition when preparing foods for their children.

Below are mentioned a few of the nutritious food options for your kids:

  1. Egg Yolks: When purchasing eggs, consider those that are obtained from pasture-raised hens. Do this because such egg yolks are highly effective for the development of nervous systems and brains. They are composed of vital nutrients such as vitamin A, amino acids and choline. It is important to note the large amounts of minerals and vitamins that are contained in the egg yolks as compared to those in the whites of eggs. Thus, include an egg’s yolks rather than its white portions when adding them in your kid’s food.
  2. Bone Broth: As compared to canned chicken broth, homemade bone broth is very nutritive. When the bones cook slowly, their nutrition and minerals absorb into the water and make it very healthy. Homemade bone broth is rich in gelatin, minerals and glycosaminoglycans, which are very essential for the development of nails, hair and joints. When all the nutrition of the bone is withdrawn into the water, bones will easily fall apart at the slightest touch. You can add this homemade broth in sauces, soups and casseroles to make them rich in vitamins and minerals. The best thing about homemade bone broth is that it can be made in large batches and stored in the freezer.
  3. Grass-Fed Beef: Filled with the goodness of vitamin B, iron and zinc, grass-fed beef is an amazing source of nutrients that are beneficial for the healthy development of children. Studies indicate that grass-fed beef is healthier that grain-fed beef because it contains more amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and less saturated fat. When cooking a grass-fed beef, make sure you use a slow cooker since it can be hard because of its leanness. Cook it for several hours so that it becomes tender and can be easily consumed by young children.  
  4. Salmon Roe: These small eggs are packed with the nutrition of omega-3 fatty acids. You will be surprised to know that the amount of omega-3 fatty acids contained in these eggs is 3.5 times more than any other egg. Salmon roe is also composed of fat soluble vitamins, antioxidants, iodine and zinc. These power-packed eggs are relished by children. These eggs can be slippery and children are greatly amused when they slip.
  5. Coconut Products: Even a small serving of full-fat caned coconut milk, unsweetened shredded coconut or coconut oil is enough to provide effective nutrition to your child. Although coconut products are rich in saturated fat, they don’t contain unhealthy trans-fat. As they are high in lauric acid that is also found in breast milk, coconut products work to increase the body’s immunity power. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of coconut products make them a perfect choice to include in kids food.
  6. Liver: Liver that is obtained from organic and pasteurized poultry is full of the goodness of vitamin A, which is highly beneficial for the growth of infants and children. Vitamin A is also considered one of the most effective sources of usable iron along with vitamin B12. Other nutrients contained in liver are cholesterol and choline which are essential for the development of the brain. Liver is an acquired taste; thus, you should start using it in very small amounts at the beginning of your child’s development. Use a little shredded liver in meat sauce, meat balls and meatloaf. You may also shred a little bit into an egg yolk. If you are finding it difficult to shred liver, freeze it. However, make sure that you cook it thoroughly.

Most of the food products for children are composed of food dyes that can be very harmful to their developing bodies. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, these additives can cause behavioural disorders in children. By cutting back on processed foods and providing a few of these above-mentioned foods to your children you can help give them the needed nourishing boost.

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