Hair thinning is one of the most common hair problems that people face today. It’s normal to experience hair thinning after a certain age, but facing hair loss in early years becomes a reason to panic.

5 Tips for Hair Loss

Although, you can easily spot numerous guys with receding hair line, the problem is sensitive for many. Well, instead of waiting for your bald look, there are ways that you can adopt in order to have head full of hair.

Diana Schmidtke, a stylist and men’s grooming expert who works with Hollywood folks like Matt Damon, Jon Hamm, and George Clooney and make them ready for red carpet is doing her best to find ways to fight hair loss. Apart from recommending Rogaine to get rid of bald spots, she has abundance of good advice for men who are confronting hair loss.

According to Schmidtke, there is nothing wrong in discussing hair loss and it is not something one should be shy to talk about. With so much of advancement in technology, there are lots of great products and remedies available. Thus, it is best to acknowledge your hair issue as early as possible to find out the right alternatives for hair treatment. Besides, she shares a few of the great tips on maintaining the hair you still endow:

  • It’s The Quality That Matters

Schmidtke does not want people to rely on expensive shampoos and conditioners to fight hair loss. However, she believes that these products can do wonders to temporarily add volume to the appearance of your hair. When searching for a hair shampoo, don’t forget to look for words on the label such as ‘volumizing’ and ‘thickening.’ Also, it is important to look for hair products with the ingredients such as silica and peptides as they both work to bind themselves to hair strands and make the hair look fuller and thicker. She also suggests purchasing quality hair products that are designed exclusively for men such as from American Crew.

  • Treat Your Hair Gently

You have probably seen commercials where men harshly towel-dry their hair after shower. According to Schmidtke this is one of the worst methods to dry your hair. It is best to dry your hair using gentle blotting and patting hand movements. This is because wet hair is more elastic as compared to dry hair; thus they easily breaks when subjected to excessive external pressure.

  • Color Hair One Or Two Shades Darker

It is important to note that light easily penetrates thin hair and in turns makes the scalp more conspicuous. Schmidtke suggest that one should prefer getting hair color, which is one or two shades darker than one’s natural hair color. It is best not to choose very dark shades. Darker hair will not allow the light to penetrate down to a shiny scalp and thus, minimizes its appearance. Obviously, you probably do not want others to pay undue attention to your hair.

  • Take Your Supplements

Some people believe that they are getting enough of vitamins and minerals from the diet they are taking. But, sadly they are wrong. One should take daily vitamins such as biotin, also known B7 in order to strengthen and maintain healthy hair.

  • Use The Right Hair Products

When you have made your mind to get back your lost hair, it is essential to choose the right hair products. Propecia and Rogaine are highly popular, as well as, effective. However, there are pros and cons to both.

Hair loss is primarily caused because of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is a male sex hormone. This hormone interrupts the natural hair growth and shedding cycle. According to Schmidtke, Rogaine is one of those hair products that offer effective results to at least nine out of ten men. It works by stimulating hair follicles to open so that cycle of shedding and regrowth can recur. Moreover, it’s easy to use because it is applied topically.

On the contrary, Propecia is a supplement that is taken orally and is available only after a doctor’s prescription. Nonetheless, it is clinically proven to inhibit the formation of DHT. Well, there are a few negative effects of this hair supplement. It can also decrease your libido and drops your sperm count. However, Schmidtke says that using Rogaine and Propecia together is the best way to combat hair loss because these hair products works in a way that is beneficial to each other. She also suggests consulting a doctor before using both these hair products.

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