Month: February 2024

10 Surprising Signs I Need More Fiber & Easy Hacks to Get It

Think you’re getting enough fiber? You may be. However, many adults do not get enough. In fact, there are surprising signs you need more fiber, and these signs crop up in systems outside your digestive system! Your brain, bones, heart,…

Fingernail Health Can Hold Clues to Internal Health. What Do Yours Say?

Is it possible that your fingernails hold the secrets to your health? Can they show you nutrition deficiencies, underlying systemic issues, injuries, or toxic loads from medications? Amazingly, they hold clues into the mysteries that make up your overall health….

60-Second Triple Chocolate Mug Cake for Valentines

Ready for something simple? A delicious, healthy, triple chocolate mug cake that takes only 60 seconds? Yes, please! This Valentine’s Day, treat your own heart, and the hearts of your loved ones to this heart-healthy cake! Best of all? It’s…