Who will you be 5 years from now? What direction are you moving in regarding overall health and well being? You have more control than you might think. As you journey toward the future, keep this in mind.prospectives_mod

You are what you eat…

Your body needs an abundance of nutrients to function at its best and avoid disease. Unfortunately, those nutrients are much harder to come by than in previous generations, due to soil depetion, pesticides, harsh processing and dangerous preservatives. There are many reasons why obesity and diseases such as diabetes are far more prevalent than in previous generations; but one reason is the quality of food we consume – both what it contains and what it lacks.

As you already know, my website contains numerous references to study after study linking disease and longevity to food and nutrition. This is why I have committed so much energy to developing nutritional supplements designed to address this growing problem with our food supply.

You are what you think…

We used to say, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” We now know this is absolutely not true. Not only do the words of others (especially our parents) affect us deeply, but so do our own words and thoughts. If you surround yourself with negative people and negative thoughts, you will develop a negative outlook on life, which will negatively affect your health. People with a positive outlook live longer and have less chronic disease than those who tend to be worried and sad. As I’ve said before, to be healthy, you need to be happy.

You are what you do…

If you exercise and remain socially active, you will be a completely different person than if you live a sedentary life and have limited interaction with others. Your mind and body needs to be stretched and challenged on a regular basis.

Recent studies show, for example, that people who retire later have a lower risk of developing dementia than those who retire earlier . Other studies show those who exercises regularly have less disease and a greater sense of wellbeing than those who don’t. Similar studies show that those who spend more time sitting in a car or sitting in front of a television have a greater chance of dying than those who are more physically and socially active.

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