A recent study revealed shocking facts about vegetarians. The study found that although vegetarians eat better and lead a healthy lifestyle and drink far less compared to meat eaters, they are not as healthy as expected.

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Researchers at the Medical University of Graz in Austria conducted research which describes the vegetarian diet as one that includes high amounts of fruits, whole grains and vegetables, and low amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats. The researchers examined the data obtained from the Austrian Health Interview survey and compared the eating habits and lifestyles adopted by meat eaters and vegetarians.

The results obtained from the research indicate that vegetarians don’t visit doctors more often for general physical check-ups and vaccinations, and were more vulnerable to life-threatening diseases like cancer and allergies.

The research has further stressed the relationship between meat eaters and vegetarians, where each group accuses the other of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Many people have already started to vent their anger on social platforms such as Twitter.

What’s The Study?

The research included more than one thousand people, twenty five percent of whom were vegetarians, twenty five percent were meat eaters as well as fruit and vegetable eaters, twenty five percent who ate less meat and twenty five percent who were heavy meat eaters.

The study concluded that although vegetarians drank less and consumed more fruits and vegetables, their physical and mental health was poorer and their Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) was lower compared to others.

What Do Critics Have To Say?

After the report was made public, it was followed by a huge response from critics. Some people believe that this report is merely propaganda and an advertisement for encouraging people to follow a meat diet, and that it is a way to benefit the meat industry. Well, the study coordinator and epidemiologist Nathalie Burkert stated to The Austrian Times that this is a false accusation and their study does not justify this claim.

Burkert further states that their report did find evidence suggesting that people who eat healthily and follow a vegetarian diet are more likely to be faced with life-threatening ailments such as depression, asthma, allergies and cancer compared to people who eat meat. However, Burkert was still unable to cite the reasons and causes for this finding. The researchers cannot sufficiently explain the cause and effect of these findings. According to Burkert more research is needed to find the answers to these questions.

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