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Sugar Cravings on Keto Zone? 7 Tips to Stop Them Now

Are you experiencing strong sugar cravings on Keto? It’s common, but not inevitable.

In fact, you can eat in the Keto Zone, be completely satisfied and healthy, and have foods in your recipe arsenal that are delicious substitutes for your old favorites.

Here’s how you can stop sugar cravings on keto.

7 Tips to Stop Sugar Cravings on Keto Zone

1. Bite The Bullet and Get Into The Keto Zone

Sometimes, new Keto eaters try “dirty” or “lazy” Keto to start. And for some, it works okay to mostly reduce carbohydrates and keep any “cheat meals” to a minimum.

But, if you are experiencing sugar craving, you likely need to get fully into the Keto Zone by cutting carbs significantly to <=25 grams of net carbs per day.

Once fully in ketosis, the sugar cravings on Keto Zone will subside and overall energy will improve.

2. Be Prepared That the First Few Days are the Hardest

While getting into the Keto Zone, you may experience fatigue, cravings, headaches, and hunger known as the Keto flu. However, this period is usually only a few days and can be drastically minimized with a few tips:

  • Use Instant Ketones to help you achieve ketosis without the Keto flu
  • Drink bone broth throughout the day
  • Hydrate well throughout the day
  • Plan to enter the Keto Zone on days with low-moderate amounts of activity (no huge energy expenditures)

After the initial period, you’ll feel great!

3. Make Sure You’re Not Too Low in Total Calories in the Keto Zone

If you’ve decided to go low-carb and low-calorie, you may be asking your body for too much.

Oftentimes, strong sugar cravings are simple hunger.

As long as you’re eating low-carb, you can add plenty of calories from fat, protein, and vegetables (75% of them should come from fat).

When you’re eating enough, cravings will often decrease.

4. Try Intermittent Fasting

One reason intermittent fasting is such a powerful tool is that it can reduce cravings.

It sounds crazy that fasting would reduce hunger.

But, it works. When done regularly, such as from 7 pm to 11 am each day, most Keto Zone eaters experience fewer sugar cravings on keto, less hunger (1), more satisfaction, and better weight results.

During the intermittent fasting time, you can wake up and have Keto Zone coffee with butter, MCT oil powder, and Keto Zone Collagen.

Then, once you reach 11 am, you can eat 2 Keto Zone meals and 2 Keto Zone snacks each making sure to eat enough to be satisfied and to drink adequate amounts of fluid.

Intermittent fasting can reduce your cravings.

5. Eat Spices, Cinnamon, Chilis, and Pickles…But Not Together

Some foods are definitely on your side in the Keto Zone.

In fact, some spices such as cinnamon actually reduce hunger, blood sugar spikes, and cravings. The capsaicin in hot chili peppers do as well (2).

In addition, pickles are known to be an effective tool to reduce cravings on keto, and can also provide needed sodium.

Beware, you want to choose low-carb pickles. With many bread and butter or sweet varieties, pickles can become a high-sugar food, so make sure to read the label and serving size.

6. Resist the Urge to Cheat in the Beginning

Many diets encourage a cheat day or cheat meal each week.

Keto Zone is different. While it doesn’t have to remain strict throughout your life, it’s important that you give your body a chance to really get into, and stay in the Keto Zone in the beginning.

One cheat meal can kick you right out.

If you use cheat meals in the beginning, you’ll likely not fully realize the full benefits of being in ketosis, which includes low cravings.

Don’t sabotage your body and cheat. If you’re having a tough time staying in the Keto Zone, take a look at this post: 10 Tips to Stay on Track with Keto Zone. Stick with it the beginning to reduce sugar cravings on Keto Zone.

7. Let Yourself Have Keto Zone Low-Carb Sweets

Sure, Keto Zone dessert recipes feel like a cheat because they are delicious. But, it’s not cheating if it’s low carb.

While we don’t encourage you to sweeten everything and promote the notion that foods must be sweet, it’s okay to have a Keto Zone treat each day.

In fact, we are hard-wired to want some sweets in our diets.

If you enjoy them, try some Keto Zone desserts, fat bombs, and recipes. A great one for chocolate cravings is this Chocolate Mousse.

Bottom Line

Keto Zone is easier than you think. When you dedicate yourself to getting into the Keto Zone using great tools like Instant Ketones, you can do it with minimal cravings. You can reduce your sugar cravings on keto, and achieve your weight and health goals.


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