Are you getting enough fat in your Keto Zone diet?

Sometimes, people simply cut out carbs and believe this is all they need to do.

While it may be enough for initial weight loss, it won’t deliver all the benefits of a true high-fat Keto Zone Diet.

In fact, you have to proactively add fats to get enough, not just cut foods out.

Here are 5 Reasons You Need More Healthy Fats and 3 Tips to Make sure you’re getting enough fat on the Keto Zone diet.

5 Reasons You Need More Healthy Fats on Keto Zone

1. Fats are simply needed for ketosis.

When eating in Keto Zone, you should aim for a total of 75% calories from fat for the day to reach ketosis.

What’s this mean?

It means we’ve got to do some math.

For every gram of fat, you consume 9 fat calories. If you are eating 1600 calories per day, 75% of these should be from fats.

Seventy-five percent of 1600 calories is 1200 calories. And since there are 9 calories per gram of fat, you need (1200 divided by 9) about 133 grams of fat.

Now, not everyone wants to keep track of all these numbers. That’s okay, too.

If you’d rather simply try to eat high fat without counting every gram, follow the tips below to add more fats by starting the day with a high-fat coffee or tea, including “fat bombs” as snacks if you want snacks, and proactively including and adding healthy fats to meals.

In addition, ketosis does require minimal carbs. Most people in ketosis eat <=20 grams of net carbs per day (net carbs are Total Carbs – Fiber).

2. High-fat keto zone eating promotes weight loss without hunger.

Hunger is one of the biggest reasons most people can’t stick with a standard diet. Once hungry, many people fixate on what they want to eat, but cannot have.

Oftentimes, those diet-induced “intense cravings” are simply intense hunger.

In addition, when people try to eat low-carb but don’t consume enough fats, they also suffer cravings.

But there’s not a hunger issue with the Keto Zone.

Keto Zone’s low-carb, high-fat eating and ketosis automatically lead to a reduction in appetite (1). This occurs for a few reasons:

  • Healthy fat foods are filling and promote satiety
  • Proteins are slow-digesting, allowing eaters to feel satisfied
  • Ketone production suppresses appetite
  • Leptin levels are optimized signaling fullness

What’s more, according to several studies, people eat fewer calories when they eat low-carbohydrate while increasing protein and fat (1).

3. High-fat keto zone eating targets harmful abdominal fat.

There’s little doubt; when you cut carbs significantly and eat fats instead, you’ll lose weight.

In fact, low-carb eaters generally see significant fat loss in the first 2 weeks (23). They lose 200-300% more weight than low-fat dieters, and they’re able to do it without hunger (45).

The best part?

It’s not just about fat loss. It’s about the type of fat. Keto Zone eating targets visceral fat. This fat is found around organs and increases inflammation and risk of disease (67).

4. Health fats and ketones improve health.

Healthy fats have a lot to offer nutritionally. When they replace carbohydrates, they:

  • Improve cholesterol ratios by increasing HDL “good cholesterol” while reducing or maintaining LDL “bad cholesterol”
  • Reduce dangerous triglycerides
  • Optimize blood sugars and insulin.
  • Improve brain and eye health
  • Reduce inflammation

5. Ketones are brain fuel.

When you suppress carbs and increase fats, your brain will begin to burn ketones instead of carbs as fuel.

Astonishingly, this change in brain fuel has been used successfully for decades to help children with epilepsy vastly reduce seizures (without medications) (8).

Now, there is promising research on ketosis and brain improvements

For degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease (9).

What’s more, many people in ketosis report greater brain clarity, focus, and function than before.

3-Tips to Getting Enough Fat

Whether you are counting grams of fat or not, you can use these tips to get enough each day:

  • Start the day with Coffee or Tea and delicious MCT Oil Powder. If you use two scoops of this powder per day, you’ll get 14 grams of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). What’s more, about 11 of these grams will be the most beneficial and healthy MCT, C8.
  • Next, try a Fat Bomb for a snack. If you’re not familiar, “Fat Bombs” are simply very-high-fat snacks that are meant to help you get enough fat each day and satisfy hunger. Most are 85% fat and use coconut oil, cream, butter, nuts, avocados, and other fats. Here are some great recipes to get you started. If you eat 3 fat bombs per day as snacks, you’ll typically get about 45-60 grams of fat.

Keto Zone Coconut Fat Bombs

Keto Zone Chocolate-Covered Pecan Fat Bombs

Keto Zone Pesto Fat Bombs

  • When eating meals, you not only want to remove the carbs but add fats back. You’ll get some fats in the protein you choose, such as meat, eggs, and more. Many times, the protein will add 10-20 grams of fat per meal. Then, if you add a fat such as avocados, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, or other, at 2 Tbsp. oil or 1/2 avocado per meal, you’ll add 28 more grams for about 30-40 grams of fat.  When you eat 2 of these high-fat meals per day, such as Keto Zone Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli, you’ve added 60-80 grams of fat.

If you use these 3 Tips, you can easily consume 120+ grams of fat per day. You can adjust these amounts to meet your individual needs.

Bottom Line

If you want to reach ketosis on the Keto Zone diet, you must proactively eat enough fat while reducing carbs. Getting enough fat is important! Not only will it help your body produce ketones, but it will also promote weight loss, better health, improved brain function, and more!


  1. Wedny says:

    I think I’m not getting enough fat. I need to learn to count it too. I just guess… I will be more diligent this week. I’m on antibiotics for a knee infection actually a sulpher drip and ointment. I’m sitting in the sun to increase healing too. Well, back to my Protein/greens shakes 2 times a day and a healthy meal and fat bombs for snacks. Thanks for all your info and at the right time to read.

  2. Janett Morris says:

    Thank you so much for the constant abundance of information and direction. We have your products for 30 days & just set up auto ship, cleaning out our kitchen., going organic with everything. This information really helps and I will try all these recipes. I made the cereal recipe & we loved it, while it was warm right out of the oven we poured warm coconut over it and yummy! Love all the daily information! Pressing on!!

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