Foods That Can Lower Your Intelligence

We eat for sustenance, to sustain our bodies and to live as long as we are able. But did you know that food can also play a part in our intelligence? Certain foods can make us smarter, so-called superfoods, and some foods can make us –well, less than smart. Here are some top foods that should be avoided, because of their effects on brain nerve cells.

Processed Meats

Anything Fried

Whether it is chicken, French fries, or corndogs, anything fried is definitely a no-no. There are so many chemicals and trans fats in the oil that surrounds deep fried foods. In addition to it being notoriously bad on your cholesterol which can jam up the blood vessels in the brain, it also can destroy nerve cells with the abundance of harmful ingredients in the oils that seep into the food.

Fake Sugar
Doesn’t matter what type it is, fake sugars, or artificial sweeteners, are a hotly debated topic on their health side effects. While artificial sweeteners do have less calories than natural sugar, they can slowly whittle away the nerve cells in the brain and once lost, aren’t able to recover more. Always opt for natural over anything processed or artificially made in a corporation’s laboratory.

Alas, even real sugar is pretty bad. Eating sugar-rich foods can lead to increased blood sugars and destroy parts of your memory and your brain cells. Diabetes and insulin resistance from too much sugar can diminish the brain’s normal work and can lead to a reduction in memory ability. The more white sugar you eat, the more prone you’ll be to memory loss and impairment over the course of your life. Sugar is also highly addictive and can lead to long-term issues with weight gain, anxiety, and cell destruction.

Processed Meats
While protein is a known good-for-you food, processed meats can do harm to your body. Chicken and lean beef are proteins that can be good for you, while hot dogs and sausage is a processed protein that can filled with preservatives and sodium nitrate. Both of these are known to cause an increase in cancer risk when eaten over time. Reduce your cancer risk and help your brain function by eating only good proteins and steering clear of overprocessed nitrate-laden foods.

Trans-Fat Foods
Foods that are high in trans fat can also do bad things to your brain and its ability to function properly. Trans fat can also increase cholesterol, clogging arteries and giving you a higher risk for stroke and heart attack. There have been some studies that show, diets high in trans fat are a risk factor for an increased chance of Alzheimer’s Disease. They are normally found in fast food and the most processed foods, those with a high shelf life.

As you can see, foods can boost our brain’s ability to work and there are foods that will hinder. Knowing what you are putting into your body can help you get the most out of it. Always eat a fruit and vegetable rich diet that is free from processed foods.

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