As humans, we inherently want to look and smell great. It has been a part of every culture of the world to present one’s best self particularly when around other people. But what would you think if the perfume you are using could be hazardous to your health?

What’s in a Perfume?

Not all perfumes are created equal, and this is not simply about brand names. In a recent report from CBS New York, physicians have warned people about the increase in counterfeit or fake fragrances recently. Commonly known imitation perfume, these fake fragrances has a high potential of being hazardous to one’s health.

What is alarming is the fact that as much as 10% of all perfumes being sold in the market is fake, as claimed by health experts. These imitation perfumes often has a list of toxic chemicals in their list of ingredients.
Think you’re inhaling the scent of Chanel No.5? Think again. If the perfume you are wearing is a cheap or fake version, you might as well lavishly spray yourself with turpentine and bask in its toxic fumes.

More Shocking Ingredients of Fake Perfumes

According from Valerie Salembier, the president of Authentics Foundation which is based in New York, fake fragrances contains ingredients like poorly based chemicals, antifreeze, and shockingly, urine.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) says that phony or fake fragrances may also contain DEHP, a chemical which is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a possible carcinogen.

These shocking fake perfume ingredients can lead to asthma, serious skin rashes, sinus problems, and in the case of possible carcinogens, cancer. Would you really want to wear or use something that could place your health and the health of people who are dear to you in danger?

How To Tell If Your Perfume is Fake

Dr. Jeanette Graf, who is a dermatologist based just outside of NYC told CBS New York that there the consumer or customer often will have no way of knowing if the product they are buying is fake until they have put it on their skin. But is there really no way to know in advance?

Phony perfumes are often sold by discount retailers and street vendors or online. According from the FBI, consumers can educate themselves on the various signs to look for on how to know if a certain cologne or perfume is fake.

FBIs Tips for Identifying Fake Perfumes

  • Phony perfumes typically comes in a packaging which differs from the authentic brand.
  • The packaging may have the “limited edition” label
  • The prices of fake products are often a lot lower than the original price.

More Tips for Identifying Fake Perfumes

Valerie Salembier says that one thing to scrutinize is the perfume’s color. A very pale coloration means that it has been diluted with alcohol or may contain too much alcohol. Darker coloration means the use of lower quality materials like faux chemicals.

How to Avoid Fake Perfumes

Buying from reputable retailers like big store brands or directly from the perfume manufacturer is still the best way to avoid counterfeits and imitation perfume.

Personally, I believe that your body is your temple and as such, it deserves all the very best of creation, be it in food, health, and of course, beauty and hygiene products. When you buy cheap imitation and phony products, not only are you disrespecting the makers of the original products but you are also disrespecting your body. Not only that, but you are also placing your health at risk. At the end of the day, a clean and pure intent and conscience is all you need, be it in dealing with people, and presenting your very best.

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