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We Can Decrease Risk of Cognitive Decline with One Step

It may sound hard, but as a society, we are far from healthy. In fact, one in four American adults is now considered obese (1). An even high rate of adults are considered overweight. Many adults who are overweight or obese also suffer from chronic medical issues such as blood sugar abnormalities, unhealthy heart conditions, cognitive decline, and more.

This is dire. But, what does obesity have to do with risk of cognitive decline?

The Science: Obesity is Linked to Cognitive Decline

Here are some startling facts and studies that link obesity with cognitive decline:

  • Obesity doubles the risk of specific cognitive decline conditions, and obesity in midlife predicts greater risk of decline in later life (2 , 3)
  • Postmortem studies have shown that elderly people with morbid obesity had increased concentration of hippocampal markers associated with cognitive decline (β-amyloid and tau proteins) and decreased hippocampal volume (4)
  • BMI alone is a predictor for temporal lobe atrophy, and there is evidence that obesity increases the risk of mild cognitive decline independent of age (5, 6, 7)
  • Using imaging to measure gray and white matter volume of elderly subjects with normal cognition, it’s been found that those with increased BMI, hyperinsulinemia, and type 2 diabetes had more atrophy in the frontal, temporal and subcortical brain regions. These areas are known to be involved in learning and memory (8)

Animal models also provide evidence that obesity and cognitive impairment are associated. Animals fed diets to induce obesity have impairments in hippocampal structure and function and also memory and executive function deficits (10). 

The one step? We must work towards healthy weights like our brains depend on it.

There is Good News

Here’s the good news: losing weight, then obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight can all support cognitive function. In randomized, double-blind studies, elderly patients with MCI and obesity showed improved verbal memory, verbal fluency, executive function, and global cognition after a calorie-restricted diet (11).

While this is simple, it’s not always easy.

To support cognitive health and reduce risk, it is imperative to work towards and maintain a healthy weight if you are overweight or obese.

The Best Way to a Healthy Weight

It’s time to live the Beyond Keto lifestyle! It combines the best of the Keto Zone lifestyle with the health-boost from the Mediterranean Diet.

Best of all, it promotes a healthy weight from the start.

First, getting into the Keto Zone promotes efficient changes in weight and improved blood sugars. This phase will produce great results for weight loss, optimal blood sugars, less hunger, and a “reset” for eating (12). For anyone who’s struggled with eating the same unhealthy foods for years, a dramatic change is often the “shake-up” they need to see results. This is part one.

Then, the Mediterranean diet allows for continual healthy-eating success, whole body health, better digestion, and a lifestyle of great health outcomes and enables one to live a long, healthy life. It’s highly anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is at the heart of many negative health issues, and any healthy diet should aim to reduce it while achieving long term health goals (13).

What’s more, the Mediterranean Diet has been proven over centuries to support full body health. It’s especially beneficial for heart health, optimal blood sugars, gut microbiota, and metabolism (13) because it is based on healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and seafood. In addition, it’s full of colorful plant foods like vegetables, beans, peas, lentils, salads and healthy, low- sugared fruits.

Altogether, Beyond Keto promotes healthy weight changes and outcomes as soon as the first two weeks (15)! In addition, the Mediterranean diet component continues to support healthy weight and healthy body composition. Its focus on lean proteins, seafoods, healthy oils, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and vegetables provide a wonderful well-balanced, satisfying dietary lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight (16).

Get Started with Dr. Colbert’s Beyond Keto Today.

Then, take it one more step and proactively support cognitive health.

Don’t Stop There. Support Cognitive Health with Brain Zone

Why stop with just reducing your risk when you could actually support brain function?!?

Specific nutrients can support your brain’s performance, focus, health, and longevity. In fact, these nutrients do so directly (working directly on neurotransmitters, etc.) and indirectly (reducing inflammation throughout the body and in the brain.

Fortunately, there’s a new line of nutrient-packed supplements that encourage your best brain health, in a convenient daily dose. They include:

Dr. Colbert’s Brain Zone Basic: This supplement boasts a nutrient complex that specifically supports brain health by supporting your brain’s natural aging strengths while attenuating cognitive declines. In fact, every Brain Zone Basic capsule includes B-vitamins, anti-inflammatory compounds, and healthy fats that encourage optimal brain health throughout your life. Specifically, Brain Zone Basic combines 4 brain-supporting B-vitamins, anti-inflammatory curcumin, and brain-supporting phospholipids (17, 18).  

Dr. Colbert’s Brain Zone Focus: If you’re looking for a more youthful, sharp, focused brain experience, take a look at Brain Zone Focus. This supplement combines powerful amino acids, vitamins, and compounds that encourage brain health, clarity, healing, motivation, and focus. In fact, it contains amino acids that have been found to support mitochondria health, memory, brain energy, detoxification, stress-reductions, and more (19, 20).

Dr. Colbert’s Brain Zone Advanced: Brain Zone Advanced is a wonderful supplement that encourages brain health, reduced stress, and neuroprotection. It combines naturally occurring compounds like citicoline, adaptogens, flavonoids, phytochemicals, and more. It can take your experience of feeling tired and anxious, and promote increased neurotransmitter activity, neuroprotection, stable healthy moods, and optimal cognitive performance, even under stress (21, 22, 23)!

Bottom Line

It’s just one step to decrease your risk. Or, if you’re ready, try our 1-2 punch for both reduced risk and healthy brain function. There’s so much potential to support brain health. Take charge with Dr. Colbert’s Beyond Keto and Dr. Colbert’s Brain Zone today!


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