Generally termed as Ebola Hemorrhagic fever, Ebola is a deadly ailment caused by the Ebola virus. This fatal virus was first discovered in Africa in the year 1976. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention have found that Ebola outbreaks have occurred in African countries including the Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Ivory Coast, Uganda, Sudan, and the Republic of the Congo. According to the National Institute of Health, more than ninety percent of people infected with Ebola died.

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Ebola Outbreaks: What Are The Symptoms?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported the following symptoms of Ebola disease: headache, joint and muscle aches, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, weakness, and stomach pain. In a few rare cases, hiccups, rashes, red eyes, and internal and external bleeding may also occur.

How Is Ebola Virus Transmitted?

According to the CDC, the natural host of Ebola virus is not humans. It is assumed that the Ebola virus is transmitted to humans through an infected animal. World Health Organization has reported that the animals that spread this virus are gorillas, forest antelopes, chimpanzees, and cynomolgus monkeys. After the person is infected with the Ebola virus, the disease spreads from person to person through contact with mucus, blood, saliva, and other secretions.

The CDC says that the disease has also transmitted to health care workers in the countries where Ebola outbreaks have occurred as they were in contact with patients and have not worn protective masks and clothing. The use of contaminated needles is also responsible for the spread of virus.

Scientists are still clueless as to where the Ebola virus naturally exists. According to WHO, numerous researchers have shown that bats can be infected with the Ebola virus, and still survive without showing any symptoms of the disease. Thus, researchers have found bats playing a major role in preserving this virus in nature.

Ebola Outbreaks In The United States: Were There Any?

The Ebola virus has not caused any diseases in the United States. According to the CDC, in the year 1990 various researchers from Texas and Virginia were found to be infected with the Ebola virus after they came in contact with imported monkeys. However, this type of Ebola, also termed as Ebola-Reston, does not cause any major symptoms in humans, though it was deadly in monkeys.

Is Their A Cure?

According to CDC, there is no cure for Ebola infection. People infected with Ebola virus are treated through supportive theory that includes multitude of approaches such as maintaining blood pressure and oxygen levels of patients, balancing their fluids and treating them if they are dealing with any complicated infections.

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