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5 Keto Zone Hacks for Your Healthiest Summer

Do you feel like the year is flying by, and you have not yet established a plan to meet your 2022 health goals? It’s not too late. In fact, you can meet them and even move beyond them with simple, easy strategies. The keto zone hacks can make a real difference!

Your healthiest summer awaits! Here are 5 easy hacks to help you achieve your health and weight goals in the upcoming months.

5 Keto Zone Hacks for Your Healthiest Summer

1. Fill Up on Volume

When using intermittent fasting or forming new habits to eat less snacks, fill up and feel more satisfied with more volume. 

Did you know that the hormones that influence your level of hunger are largely affected by the volume of your foods, or how much your stomach is stretched?

It’s true. The more your stomach “feels” full, the more your brain tells you you are full. On the other hand, if you eat very small-volume foods, even if they are high in calories, your brain will not register as feeling satisfied.

What’s more, fibers, fats and proteins contribute to the “full-feeling” more than simple carbs because they remain in your stomach longer.

Use this Hack Now: Make Keto Zone Shake Chia Pudding. Mix 1 scoop Keto Zone Shake (Rich Chocolate Flavor) and ¾ cup low-carb milk of choice. Stir well. Add 3-4 tablespoons Divine Health Living Chia with Probiotics and mix completely. Let chia swell at room temperature for about 5 minutes, then mix it again to ensure no clumps form.Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to thicken, or overnight.

2. Add Instant Energy for a Keto Zone Hack

In general, it takes several factors for the human body to feel “energized.” It needs either ketones or calories, adequate rest, and healthy cells to use the substrates.

However, there are a few hacks to the human body that can speed up an energized feeling. 

First, there’s a special kind of fat that actually bypasses the need for bile and fat-enzymes. It is digested and used quickly for energy by the human body. It is called medium chain triglycerides.

Second, caffeine is an amazing compound that crosses the blood brain barrier, increases alertness, reduces sense of effort while performing activities, and increases feelings of energy.

Third, exogenous ketones increase ketone production in your body while you are entering or maintaining ketosis. In addition, Keto Zone Instant Ketones provides the electrolytes you need to maintain a healthy hydration balance and avoid the keto flu.

Use this Hack Now: Mix 1 scoop Keto Zone Instant Ketones (Limeade) and 8-12 oz. green or black tea. Take Keto Zone MCT oil capsules with it! Enjoy this quick morning or afternoon pick-me-up!

3. Intermittent Fasting and Keto Zone Coffee 

It’s no secret that intermittent fasting is one of the most effective Keto hacks. By simply not consuming foods for 15-16 hours per day, you can significantly increase your success with producing Ketones, achieving and healthy weight, and experiencing many health benefits.

To learn more about intermittent fasting, check out this article. In addition, here’s how Keto Zone Coffee affects fasting.

Use this Hack Now: Adhere to a plan of fasting from 7pm to 11am each day. You can actually drink decaf tea and/or Keto Zone Coffee (with Keto Zone Collagen and Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder) while fasting. Then, eat great Keto Zone foods from 11am-7pm each day.

4. Hydrate Adequately Each Day

One key to Keto Zone success is hydration. The process of producing ketones can actually cause dehydration in the body, so it’s more important than ever to hydrate well. What’s more, adequate hydration is simply good for your entire body including your skin, brain, organs, and everything else.

Use this Hack Now: Aim to drink 64-80 ounces of water each day. If you exercise, add 24-32 ounces of water per hour of exercise. Also, add 1-2 servings of Keto Zone Instant Ketones (Limeade) per day to add electrolytes and ketones!

5. Focus on your Long-Term Health Rather than just Weight

Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. Your weight, while important, is just one piece to the overall health picture. As you use Keto Zone, pay attention to how you’re improving your health, from head to toe, and let this continue to motivate you forward. In addition, your body may be changing for the better while you lose fat, but sometimes it won’t show up on the scale right away. Keep going. The health journey is worth it.

Use this Hack Now: Join the Keto Zone Challenge to keep your focus on the long-haul journey of a healthy lifestyle. Click here to start and receive guidance, recipes, and more, for free!

Bottom Line:

You can make this the summer you utilize every tool for Keto Zone success. It doesn’t have to be hard. Make small changes and use our hacks to stay in the Keto Zone!


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